Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

Haven’t watched this in ages - and that trailer’s put me in the mood for another look :wink:

Anyone knows anything about this release or the company? Quality?

It’s a bootleg.

Here are all the known real ones:

For mysterious German releases (of which there are many) I usually use

I’ll share my opinion on this one cause I absolutely love it! I’m quite familiar with Lucio Fulci, I’ve seen nearly all of his movies. I really like his work. He was imo the most talented Italian director with such a great sense for a scene second to none. 80s killed him like many other great Italian directors but that is an another story. He also wrote screenplays for many of his films, though he was not a very good writer to be honest. The screenplay for MT was fortunately written by one of the best writers out there - Fernando Di Leo and it is quite evident. The very first intro scene is a brilliant example of the collaboration between these two great minds. It is an original and very tense hunt scene, ending with a crazy smiling Castelnuovo watching his dogs tearing a man to death! What a great introduction of a character! Nothing had to be said to set his character up. I have to say the following “credits” scene is so well thought and memorable it is astounding. Probably the only “credits” scene I really love. We follow a flowing river that leads us to the Franco Nero’s character. This is all supported by a story explaining song “You left to find a pile of gold, a thousand miles you rode alone…” So the knowledge of English really gives it another dimension. It is simply so beautiful and touchy when the song ends and we finally see the glorious Franco Nero! The flowing river is a nice subtle alegory for traveling and also for the flow of time. It takes quite long but it serves the story. Then we get to see Franco Nero going back home. On his way he wanders through a city that seems to be abandoned. I really like how it keeps a viewer wondered what is all that about. Franco shortly investigates what is going on and moves on. He gets finally home but things turns out to be reather bleak. Yet we meet an excellent actor George Hilton who plays a drunk and he quite enjoys it. The movie works simply so well with all the important characters. Another scenes that are worthy mentioning - Castelnuovo playing the organ will never get out of my head, the ranch party is cool and the whipping scene one of its kind. Have you ever seen whipping scene in a western so good? I have not! Every shot of the movie is an absolute treasure that you could frame and put on the wall as a picture. It needs to be said is a very slow-paced movie but does it matter when the direction is pure class and you get the great trio Nero, Hilton, Castelnuovo? The title promised massacre comes at the end of the movie and it is worth waiting. Franco hunting scared Castelnuovo all over the place is brilliant and the final scene flawless. It has a family drama, it has tension and an excellent resolution. Those freed doves seem to be like another subtle alegory for to that point bounded character who went away from the troubled family relationships, returned and accomplished his mission. I tend to appreciate the movie more and more with every new projection. It is a pure pleasure.

This thread sounds rather promising, but I can only find a region free Wild East DVD release for about USD 75 (SEK 699) with shipping included. It’s a matter of principle, to not pay that much I think, or…

Strange. For me it’s NOK 171 on, shipping included.

I have an English language DVD-R if that’s of any interest to you but you could put an advert out and perhaps someone will be willing to sell/trade their WE disc to you.

Thank you @morgan.
Obviously my looking at Amazon UK and wasn´t enough !
So your suggestion was the one to choose, less than the half price (SEK 314 including rapid shipping) compared to my first choice and more rapid shipping sheduled arrival next monday.

Thank you anyhow, @The_Man_With_a_Name

My last purchase using the “forum thread reading way” was a fairly good success, Death Sentence seemed like a 7/10 after one view. What will Massacre Time receive ? - the suspense is rising :wink:

‘Massacre Time’ is better :grinning: … in fact, you’ve inspired me to re-watch it very soon.

I hope so, but I rated California 4/10 (my lowest rating so far) and I recall some discrepancy in that case regarding our opinions :wink:

We all have varying tastes … but I’d say confidently that this one has many of the raw ingredients that define the essence of what a SW is, or should be … though I sincerely hope you don’t pay $75 to find out. That’s an outrageous price for a DVD !

I honestly think it’s worth giving every spaghetti a try at least once because people’s tastes are very different and if you love the genre, you’re always going to find hidden gems even if not everybody thinks so.

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I have the Echo Bridge “unauthorized” release region 1 DVD and the picture is horrible and letterboxed. The picture was better on a mill creek bargain set I had.

Bargain bucket Mill Creek edition:

Wildeast Release … which is a French print.

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The Wild East disc is the way to go for the alternative dub. I watched it with the international English dub first but the American dub really enhanced the film for me. I could actually (just about) understand the Chinese guy for a change!

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Still a stiff price, but perhaps outside the realm of principles…

I tried both, and the American dub seemed to suffer with audio drop out - plus the voice actor dubbing Franco Nero, sounded way too old. Having said that, I wasn’t blown away with the voice actors on the English international version either - but it’s still a damn good movie - takes a while to get going, but has a really nice eerie atmosphere … and Nino Castelnuovo is just brilliantly insane. George Hilton steals the show, and consequently helps Franco Nero’s performance.

I’d call this one a top 20 best, if I were into lists and such :wink:

It is for me fairly normal, due to high shipping costs, in this case slightly above 50 % (which I am not sure know if it includes the Swedish VAT 25 % or not).
Anyhow I was pleased to be able to order it at a more reasonable price, just within hours of even having heard about of this film for the first time :slight_smile:

I have the Digital World Media version wich is quite bad…