Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

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There is a good article on Portuguese Wikipedia, the English version has less information.

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:50, topic:246”]Korano is right, it was a reference to your avatar

I think George Martin would’ve been fine as Tom Corbett, somehow it seems Nero’s least typical part: I think, as an actor, Nero is a bit too extravert for the it, he’s at his very best in more active parts.
He does well, of course, but he has done better.[/quote]

Ah, OK. Just wondered, since I haven’t been able to track down all of Martin’s westerns yet, if he had joined the ranks of PLL, Garko and Martell and played a “Silver”! :wink:

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I finally watched this one a coupleof days ago (got it for x-mas).

What can I say? I’m a bit disappointed!

I mean, this flick is usually so highly recommended, everybody loves it. But I think, it was quite lame.
OK, it contains many nice fights and pretty much shooting. But I didn’t like the couple Nero-Hilton, I didn’t like Hilton’s dipsomaniac (didn’t like it in Halleluja for Django as well), he’s so relaxed and drunk and cool and can do everything.
And one fatal detail: I didn’t like the end. This little chase through the house and the little fight on the bridge… how crappy is that?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice one, but not THAT good.

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I enjoyed this one as it somewhat foreshadowed where Fulci would be aesthetically and stylistically during the 70’s onward. I liked Hilton’s character here and he seems to be having fun with the role. Nero seemed to have been channeling Django in some scenes, or at least that’s the impression I got. I thought the action scenes were a bit more elaborate than they often were.

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I think I have somewhat of an explanation for the crazy action sequences. Fulci claims that he styled them after the Artaud art form, I think.

Here is a VERY long and n depth article that I’m sure will answer many questons.

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I thougt this was great, I watched it on an old Swedish VHS tape, and the best thing is that the tape was to old to be cut! :smiley: ;D

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You can count me in as someone who liked this quite a bit. But then i like Four of the Apocalypse too, so what the hell do i know.

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My first DVD copy of this was so bad, I refused to watch it until I got my hands on a better copy. Well that time is now & I am not disappointed. With that said this film is not without it’s flaws. I though although the cast, acting, soundtrack & cinematography were good, I think the story has some real holes. Now I’m not one who needs the whole story spelled out to me, some little plot buildups don’t need to be know, but don’t just throw the whole ‘he’s your father’ thing at me without the least bit of explanation. And what was with the ‘ride’-by shootings. Was this a sw set in Texas or East LA. Not once but twice. Now, I like random violence as much as the next but place it in the story just a little better, please. Also, I thought the last fight between Junior & Tom was a let down. With that said, I think the shot that follows & ends the movie was great with Tom stopping Slim from shooting the bird as the theme kicks in. There was a certain acceptance between them that I thought was a nice touch. But I won’t let a few WTF moments ruin this movie for me. Just a few things I had to get off my chest.

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After rewatching Massacre time I like the film more, but it still has its flaws.

The plot has indeed as much holes as Blackburn Lancashire.
Not a greater problem in some films, but here are a lot of unanswered “Why?” questions which could have deepened the relationships between the characters and which could have made several parts work.

Strange that the man hunt of the first scene isn’t used again.

The locations are often poor, as was the production design.

Fulci, who spent before and after nearly the whole 60s with comedies, made with this film quite a change and presented here for the first time his cinema of cruelty. He maybe wasn’t the greatest talent in the SW genre, as his 2 other westerns also show, but he was competent enough.
The most memorable scenes and shots are not necessarily western ones. E.g. the above by I…I…Idiot mentioned shot with the birds is a great way to end such a film.

The final shoot-out is ok but not great, but there was a frenetic presentation of violence which was quite unique for its time.

Nero looks younger and not as Djangoish as in Django and Texas addio.

Hilton is not too believable as drunk, but he has his moments. It’s one of the plot holes that he should be a drunk, but in the next scene he shows that he could have erased the whole countryside single handedly.

Nino Castelnuovo is an impressive maniac, and I especially like him smirking with his head cocked.

None the less an entertaining flic which has its moments. 6/10

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Massacre time is my most wanted SW. But i cant find it.

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What I would like to know is why all the copies I have seen (Japanese, the Italian and DWV bootleg… or did it? damnit… :stuck_out_tongue: ) mention in the credits that what I am seeing is the second edition. Can’t remember if all had the text in same language or not.

Probably has been mentioned lots of times at different places but I have never seen anything definitive about it. Maybe it was never shown in any other version, but why would they mark it as second edition if there is or was nothing else in existence.

I remember some claims, with no way of knowing how reliable they are, about some kind of cemetery scene missing from the prints, maybe there was some sort of still about it… or not.
But if I remember correctly, there is a scene in the movie where Nero is coming to Hilton’s house from the opposite direction than the gravedigger who passes him in his wagon… it is just that didn’t Nero just left the town and gravedigger left after him (supposedly, I can’t remember if him leaving can be seen) with the coffin which he has in his wagon when he passes Nero. Or maybe I just remember the whole scene completely wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

DVDBeaver comparison/review here mentions:

NOTE: “Update - Just got this info from Michael Hochhaus StudioCanal, license-owner for most countries of “Massacre Time” will release a french DVD of “Massacre Time” in 2006 (along with some other westerns). Possibly they release the first version. Some sources say that the first version includes a cemetery-scene and a different Italian dub.”

What sources? How is the French disc btw? Can’t remember when it came out.

Henrico The viking: There’s a cheap Italian DVD available, for example here

EDIT: Damnit, just read Scherpschutter’s review which seems to explain the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Where is that info from btw? The edition difference has been discussed couple of times at the SWWB over the years and never has anyone been able to provide explanation.

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I’ve read that there was a slightly longer version, the original cinema release version. This 2nd edition is a re-release version which was for whatever reasons a little bit cut. Nero riding along a cemetery was the piece which was also mentioned.

All DVDs are based on this 2nd version.

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LOL good point. You would’ve wondered how the confederates lost the war with Col. Mortimer on their side :wink:

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Yankees had Django that’s why :wink:
Anyway, i like Massacre Time a lot. I dig its atmosphere - it’s sort of minimalistic and sinster. Those crazy action scenes are great as well. MT currently occupies lower portions of my new top 20 [soon to be published].

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Even more thrilling than the Koch DVD releasedates… :wink:

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Yeah, i know how to build up the suspense :wink:

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Maybe I should announce a top20 relaunch as well…

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Unfortunately only shown at the cinema premiere -

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Ha ha, these SW cemeteries are always unbelievable. This one must also be the result of a hard working production designer.

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[quote=“LankyFellow, post:78, topic:246”]Unfortunately only shown at the cinema premiere -[/quote]

Haha that hardly qualifies as a cemetery.

He took a long nap that day.