Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

(I...I...Idiot) #81

That’s where I want to be buried.

(LankyFellow) #82

(p.pereira) #83

Here some odd Argentinian poster. He looks kind of fat :o

(Stanton) #84

That’s not our Franco. He wears pretty different clothes and holsters in Massacre Time. It’s not even his face.

(Bad Lieutenant) #85

Yeah, this face looks drawn.

(scherpschutter) #86

I think the drawing was made with the help of a poster (or a still) of another movie, Django, Texas Addio maybe. It’s meant to be Nero, of that i’m sure (Nero shortly after Christmas)

(p.pereira) #87

Yeah. Christmas… can’t think of a better season to … massacre time!
It’s a bad poster, just want to share it.

(Bad Lieutenant) #88

Same Nero, except for the wrinkles. (same artist?)

(Søren) #89

Damn the only one that looks ok on that poster is Eli Wallach … It seems someone put a large portion of spaghetti on Lynn Redgrave’s head and Nero looks like one giant meatball…

(Silence) #90

I like the MT poster.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #91



Liked it much more in the second viewing. Some scenes are unforgettable, especially the last one. It gets a solid 8/10 from me.

(Mortimer) #93

Have any of you seen this one in Italian? I found the English voice actors to be pretty bad. My copy only has the English language soundtrack.

(p.pereira) #94

Nope. Spanish.

(scherpschutter) #95

The Italian audio track is a lot better, this DVD has both Italian and English audio:

(p.pereira) #96

I’m not very fond of english dubs, I’ve seen some movies with really bad dubbing work. In my opinion the spanish are better qualified for such job. Well, they dub everything on tv/cinema so they have the skills. An italian audio with english subtitles is my favourite option, but some times hard to get.

(emerald) #97

Finally saw this one and was surprised to find it quite disappointing.
The story moves very slowly. The plot has one simple twist, which is withheld from the hero , and the viewer, for no good reason. Once this basic plot point is finally unveiled there’s a pretty good shootout.
A good theme, some action and some good actors with little to do.
It wasn’t awful, but I have to say I think this is a very much over-rated Spaghetti.

(Mortimer) #98

Hi Emerald.
I like the plot twist in the film. I guessed it before it was revealed but only a few minutes before. It was not one of those ridiculously obvious plot twists found in some films. Neither was it totally unpredictable - there are clues and hints given.

I agree part of the fame of this film is due to Fulci being the director.

(Silence) #99

I don’t really mind it being slow. I’ve watched it four times and so far I haven’t gotten tired of it.

(Chris_Casey) #100

This is actually one of my favorite SW’s on the strength of the action scenes alone. But, it also has some good performances from Hilton and Nero (and many others) and some nice music.
I don’t find the film slow, at all.

And for what it is worth…I am not a Fulci fan.