Long Days of Vengeance / I lunghi giorni della vendetta (Florestano Vancini, 1967)

(morgan) #61

I have the Shendene & Moizzi DVD and a Cult Action DVD, both uncut I think, but poor picture quality.

Couldn’t agree more. But I thought the X-Rated Kult DVD was crème de la crème of this one?

(scherpschutter) #62

There is copy floating on the net from a French TV-showing. Crystal clear image, so it seems (I used a screenshot I found on a French forum for my review)


(I cropped the image top and bottom a little, the AR is about 2:1)

So far I haven’t been able to get a copy, but the print could be used for a better release
I also rewatched the X-rated DVD, image quality leaves a lot to be desired on a 82" screen, even the shorter Spanish version looks soft

(Stanton) #63

82", wow that’s real big. It should be unwatchable on such a screen, as it looks already bad on a 42". Bad enough that I did not use the zoom function, but made it only a little bigger than the 4:3 letterbox image is.

Then the French version will make a better Tijuana edition, but this film should be popular enough (nad good enough) to get a proper HD release.

(Stanton) #64

Which shows how bad the situation is. There is not much creme on this release from a nowadays point of view. VHS fans will be satisfied though.

(scherpschutter) #65

My mistake, I meant 82 cm :wink:


Finally had a chance to watch the version from cult action, which had the running time of 1 hour, 57 minutes. Mostly English audio, a line here or there not English. Prison breakout scene is pretty spectacular, ( more so then I remembered), as are both the “haircut” scene, andthe confratation with Douglas. The final confratation with Cobb was just as awesome as the first time I saw it. Picture quality not the best, but watchable. Wish wild east would take over and release with full English audio and perhaps improve the picture quality.

(The Man With a Name) #67

I don’t think those scenes were dubbed into English. I asked Arrow Video if they’d consider releasing this one but they get so many suggestions. Maybe Carty will consider it

(Søren) #68

You say version but isn’t Cult Action a bootlegging operation sending out dvd-rs that (also) rip off’s regular releases? The 117 minutes corresponds with the length of the X-Rated releases from some years ago which also had the English dub. 117 minutes is including PAL-speedup so what you’ve got is (probably) a PAL->NTSC conversion which never did anybody any good :slight_smile:


You would be correct, sir. I have no choice until a proper uncut version exists on a region free DVD or blu ray-disc with restored/ improved picture and audio quality. Despite It being a bootleg, I love the film, and after a second viewing jumped into my top ten. Great costumes, some excellent landscapes, and that wonderful prison breakout scene. The " haircut" scene is also stunning, as is Barnetts confratation with Douglas. Barnetts character is as vengeful as they come, but what keeps him from being static and flat is that not only does he have to clear his name, he’s also looking for who murdered his father, and must prove that Cobb is a criminal. I prefer this character to his roles in the Ringo films, and if given a proper release with improved picture and audio quality ( as well as English friendly, on a region free disc) I can’t see how this film isn’t in the top 20 of the genre. ( it will forever be in my top ten.)

Good film. Buy it.


Certainly one of Gemma’s best.

I also had to resort to the Cult Action DVD. Since it seemed near impossible to find an official English friendly version.


I have another version from the westerns unchained box set but I and didnt notice many differences, but will have to compare them one day. I found the picture quality to be the same but can’t recall the runtime. If the cult action is all I have, I can live with it.


Rewatched this one recently via the wild east dvd and I’m still dumbfounded as to how it ranks so low. I bloody love this film.

(morgan) #73

I will not disagree with the last speaker. Real satisfying to watch it in its full 122 min length. Although the Wild East release still leaves something to be wanted with regard to picture quqlity.


It’s definitely a lot better than my bootleg.


I haven’t seen it yet, but ordered it, and the music by Armando Trovaioli seems extremely good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKtoIMwWSJM
I doubt that the whole movie is as good, but hope I am wrong…

(The Man With a Name) #76

Easily one of Gemma’s best… I might even prefer it to Day if Anger. I’m not sure why it’s so underrated.


I think it is. Upon my recent rewatch it made it’s way into my top 20 with ease. It also has one of my favourite Western openings and I think almost everything from the start to the end is great.

My only guess is that the dubbing, which I admit is poor, has had a negative effect on people.

(The Man With a Name) #78

Never had an issue with the dubbing personally. The made a few mistakes with the soundtrack but that’s about it. It’s a near perfect spaghetti otherwise.


I’ve never had an issue myself either (I think that’s because I’m immune to dubbing), but the English track to this one is definitely towards the Django end of the scale in terms of voice acting. It’s my only guess as to why this film isn’t more popular.


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There is a brand new remastered uncut print dvd which just came out in Italy.
Too bad it’s not a blu ray but it looks really good… I don’t have the Wild East disc but i’m sure it’s better.

here’s some screenshots: