Long Days of Vengeance / I lunghi giorni della vendetta (Florestano Vancini, 1967)

(Pacificador) #41

I enjoyed this flick, a strong 3/5 and almost 4/5 for me. I liked the music but it was very (purposefully, I know) dischordant at times and that got annoying very quick - suited a comedy western more.

Solid SW elements and definitely worth a rewatch in the near future. Nieves Navarro is #2 behind Nicoletta Machiavelli for me so that definitely doesn’t hurt! :wink:

(davidf) #42

Saw this last night, and while in my opinon not being up with Gemma’s best, this is still entertaining and like all of his SW’S that i have seen quality.Film was uncut and went off to a foreign language every now and again ( was a dvdr supplied by the marvellous Rev, thanks Rod!). i thought it a bit overlong but can imagine the shorter versions being somewhat confusing. Some good scenes, liked the beginning, the barber scene and the quite exciting climatic shoot out.feel if gemma’s in the film than it’s worth watching. 6/10

(p.pereira) #43

Happens the same in my Thai DVD. Must re-watch this one.

(ENNIOO) #44

Surprised someone has not done a fan project and added english subtitles for the parts that do not have english audio in the longer length version.

(p.pereira) #45

I re-watched this over the weekend. Didn’t recall that much of it, but the final duel was still etched in memory. Very good. The Thai DVD seems to have some annoying background sound, kind of repeating the score out of sync, but still watchable.

(korano) #46

Very odd film IMO. Although I really like it, it sort of baffles me. Some scenes are among the best directed scenes ever in a non Leone Spaghetti. Such as the opening, barber shop, Gemma shooting the Bounty Killer, walk to the gallows. But other scenes are extremely uninspired. But these many great scenes, along with a leisurely yet appropriate pacing, and the wonderfully directed finale shootout make this film great.

(Stanton) #47

I can’t remember anything “extremely uninspired” in LDoV. The film has it’s share of lesser scenes, but there aren’t really bad scenes. The final shoot out on the other hand was imo nothing special, at least not one of the many good scenes in it.

Korano, which scenes were that bad?

(korano) #48

Mostly unimportant scenes. Non honestly sticks out. On a whole, it’s a very well directed film

(CORMAC) #49

has anyone the spo dvd which i know has both spanish and english the same as the xrated dvd but i don’t know if both spo movies are 2:35.1 aspect ratio or are they also similar to the german dvd.

(tomobea) #50

Yes!!! SPO DVD in Letterbox!

(korano) #51

[quote=“korano, post:48, topic:513”]Mostly unimportant scenes. Non honestly sticks out. On a whole, it’s a very well directed film[/quote]I think I can explain now. Some of the transitions between scenes are a little clumsy. Especially with the use of music. The music will build up and we might expect something big to happen but then the screen cuts to black and goes on to an unimportant scene. One scene where the music seems jumbled is Gemma shooting the mexican riders from atop the hill. The music is both a big riding theme as well as a suspenseful guitar twang. It really doesn’t mesh.

(scherpschutter) #52

Watched the shorter Spanish version this time around

Image quality is better than that of the Italian version - you notice the entire film was shot in intense heat, people are covered with sweat nearly all the time - but it suffers from the cuts. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is what korano meant in some of the previous posts: there are some awkward transitions, especially in relation to the soundtrack. But even in this cut version this is quite an interesting movie, with several excellent scenes (the barber shop, the walk to the gallows)


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(JonathanCorbett) #53

Well directed movie with some good scenes: the confrontation with Douglas/Francisco Rabal, the beating in the railroad area and especially the excellent beginning including the great haircut and shave sequence. On the other hand I find the comical “ingredients” (the fistfight and Doctor Pajarito’s character) unnecessary and a bit annoying.

An interesting thing is the six-pointed sheriff’s badge used as killing weapon!

(MrE2Me) #54
The English dub sounds quite wooden.

Understatement of the year. In fact, of the 100 or so SWs I’ve seen to date, this has what is quite possibly the worst English dub of them all. It was so bad that I’m sure it negatively influenced my overall opinion of the film. A real shame.

(The Man With a Name) #55

I really like this film. I have a DVD-r taken from the X-rated DVD. It’s just a pity I can’t find an actual copy of it anywhere. Does anyone have the X-rated DVD for sale?


I am tracking down another english friendly version of this, because the version I saw may not have been uncut, and it’s picture quality not the best, however Long Days of Vengeance, gives me anxiety everytime I watch it. Gemma (Ted Barnett) breaks out of prison, and seeks vengeance on the men who put him in prison, and murdered his father.
This film is somewhat slow, but has some memorable revenge scenes, for example the scene where Turner kills Gomez ( as he’s getting a haircut and beard trim), the scene where he kills Douglas, and the scene where he finally get’s Cobb. Film reminded me of " And God Said to Cain" except this one has Nieves Navarro ( very attractive looking by the way)

(scherpschutter) #57

What version did you watch exactly and what was the running-time?


The first version was part of a westerns unchained boxset, but ive recently ordered one from cult action. i wanna say the running time 1 hour and 50 minutes.

(The Man With a Name) #59

I have only watched the full length version and it’s one of my favourites. Unfortunately the DVD-R I have only played twice and then started bouncing.

(Stanton) #60

I just re-watched this one from the uncut X-Rated DVD. It was ok back then on an old 4:3 TV, but on a bigger TV it only offers a non anamorphic 1,85:1 image in VHS quality. Better than nothing, cause it is uncut, but the film suffers a lot in the shorter versions, be it the 94 min Spanish one, or the 105 min German one.

Am I right that no real good release of LDoV exists?

This one should have a HD release.