Killer Caliber .32 / Killer calibro 32 (Alfonso Brescia, 1967)

(RamonRed) #61

I really liked .32 Caliber Killer. It was my first PLL film and I enjoyed him in it. As I stated in another topic, I enjoy Spags with some mystery, and while the end reveal was kinda lame I enjoyed the film. Not a classic, but a solid Spag IMHO. 3 and 1/2 stars.

(scherpschutter) #62

I enjoy that too, a lttle mystery added to the spaghetti dish, it keep things moving, even when the film isn’t top class.

(RamonRed) #63

Oh, I forgot to mention. Nice review, scherpschutter(as always)! Any chance of a Killer Adios review? I have the Wild East DVD, so I have to ask. :smiley:

(scherpschutter) #64

Will (most probably) be the next review

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #65

Awesome review Scherp, and not a bad little film either.


that was awesome acting and a wonderful western

(Reverend Danite) #67

Having watched 2 PLL films already this year (4 Pistols for Trinity and More Dollars for The McGregors) and wanting to see another that hadn’t been previously viewed (I think I’ve seen all his others?) I opted for this.
I remember getting bored when I started it some years ago - but I persevered this time and got past the very silly bar-brawl scene, and started to enjoy it more than I had before.
But - unlike scherpy, (in his review) - I didn’t feel that I “liked PLL a lot” in this. That overly 8) cool persona doesn’t suit him so well… and like Stanton, I more envisioned his as a role for Garko - although I was pleased it didn’t rely on gadgets for its ‘coolness’ - just a sharp suit, sharp-shooting and silver bullets.

Overall, this is an ok outing - I’d given it half marks, but I’ve rounded down for the poll** - the rotoscopy-stylee start had cacti - the film did not.

**[Edit - there isn’t a poll either]

(titoli) #68

I find Lawrence’s face pretty dislikeable, I think it is more suited to play villains, I can’t help bur root for someone to wipe that sardonic smile of his face :slight_smile:

(the_ugly) #69

I like Peter Lee Lawrence, the best film ive seen him in is Days of Violence. Killer Caliber 32 was, from memory, underwhelming.


A poor man’s Sartana minus the gimmickry. I was never a big fan of PLL, but he’s quite alright in this one, being more of a lethal detective rather than a hired hand. Got a bit bored in the last 15 minutes and felt that the film could have ended earlier. Not bad, not very good as a whole either.

(Sebastian) #71

There’s a great line towards the end, where he says “Alive you weren’t worth a damn, dead you’re worth 2000 dollars, Spot” :slight_smile: Watching this right now (reviewing the German BluRay)