Kill Them All and Come Back Alone / Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

(Julio_Alberto) #81

To my best Leo Anchoriz character with his bazooka.

(Frank Talby) #82

Agreed - it is just a good little action flick nothing more nothing less.

(autephex) #83

Watched today and I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t have any problems with the action boring me, was all good fun. Although I liked the action, I usually have one complaint about Castellari’s westerns and that’s the acrobatics in the action scenes… just too goofy for me. And what a good opening, with the dialog referencing the title… Great scene

Thought the end was kind of goofy too, with Chuck Connors and his crazy ass grin

(Silence) #84

Liked this one after a rewatch.

(The Stranger) #85

This was the only one Western from Castellari, which I have not seen.
I have this changed. And what can I say. I am not a fan of him.
He’s like Johnny Hamlet. The film looks great, offers some nice location, lots of action. But he has not impressed me.
Again, it reflects the typical fights. Similar to later in the Trinity movies. And then the death scenes. The people flying through the air like flying exercises the U.S. AIR FORCE.

De Masi’s music is as always good.
I have the DVD of Eyecatcher Movies. The picture is OK, but has some stains.
I have not regretted the purchase. The film, although not great for me, but I still rate it above average.

By the way, Leo Anchóriz looks like the brother of Frank Wolff. Or?

(chuck connors brother) #86

Yeah I got the Eyecatcher DVD as well, looks a lot better than the Wild East disc. Though the english subtitles are awful and tiring to read, at least it has them… I don’t regret buying it either.

(chuck connors brother) #87

Wild East


(ENNIOO) #88

So we could with a fan edit version perhaps.

(Paco Roman) #89

Not a masterpiece like Keoma but the music is somehow better without any crying. I enjoyed it cause of the action. It must have been easy to write the script. Not many dialogues in that and more action paced as usual: A shootout is followed by a brawl which is followed by a shootout followed by a brawl …. It’s a men on a mission movie focused on the mission and not disturbed by any boring recruitment or characterization. The story is simple and the action is effective. IMO not boring at all and fast paced.

(sartana1968) #90

3.5 out of 5
good spaghetti western some scenes it’s boring, most of the film it’s fun
it’s the only spaghetti that i prefer most the fistfights and no so much the gunfights
i don’t understand how frank wolf was in both sides without nobody knows it? strange thing
juck connors is realy the winner of this film…

(El Topo) #91

One of the most known SW that I haven’t seen yet

Another Dirty Dozen, or should I say The Secret Invasion premise based spaghetti, that SW directors seem to like so much.
Castellari was one of those professional directors, with little concerns in the artistic note of his films, with the exception of the camera work, which I found quite good in this and other films he directed, justice must made to men we was a real craftsman with the camera.

So action was all it matters and we got plenty of it here, the problem it’s its distribution, and above all a plot that run out of thoughts somewhere in the film, the successive twists and psychological effects on the character’s could have been done and used better, but if that worked right it would have made a terrific movie, and that wasn’t suppose to be, if you hire Castellari to direct an SW, you probably won’t be expecting much more than this as the final result.

Chuck Connors was a very physical actor, with the ideal look (in my view) for Westerns and above all for SW, pity he didn’t had done more SW than the few he did, I can imagine him in a few spags replacing some other actors to a better effect. The rest of the cast doesn’t need much talk about, Frank Wolff seems like an improbable match for a fist fight with Connors, and does not look very menacing, surprisingly in this stunt made cast, is the fact that Spanish actor Leo Anchoriz was also a scrip writer of some arty pretentious films (and comedies), and it seems also an art director. In another perspective couldn’t help noticing Ken Wood trying to emulate Charles Bronson almost the entire film. Couldn’t help thinking ifd castellari With Connors wanted to create an Eastwood effect, they both got similar careers until they went to Europe to do Westerns.

So did I like it? Yeah not bad, the beginning and the ending deserved a better film, those prison scenes could have been replaced by something better and more believable in the script. But as an action non brainer kind of flick I guess its OK. The exaggeration stuff just spoils the movie, for instance the union army soldiers couldn’t shot an elephant in front of their faces, I wonder how they won the war in Kill them all, and come back alone Universe.

In the end I got bogged cause of the first 15 minutes or so that combine with the title, promised a great flick, which just never happens. The last Castellari I‘ve seen (Tuareg) was indeed better, and it had Mark Harmon as the main star.

3 stars

(Yodlaf Peterson) #92

I really like this one, by no means is it Castellari’s best western but it’s certainly the most fun.

(chameleon) #93

I also like this one, top 30 at least.

(Bill san Antonio) #94

I hated it. But I think I still need to rewatch it, I could change my opinion with better print.

(titoli) #95

This one has a lot of reviews, including (imo) two swdb premium writers, but there is really not need to say anything more about this movie other than Stanton’s (and Reverend’s) comment on the main mage.

Brainless actioneer that after a while becomes pure parody and is probably just the type of movie Leone had in mind when he was complaining about deviation of the genre. Even if you’re just looking for the action it gets tiresome and boring because there is lot of repeating (everyone dies in exactly the same manner). My ‘favourite’ sequence is when our dirty six are sitting like clay pigeons on the sloooooooow moving raft but not single bullet can hit them while they drop tens of union soldiers like flies. And then they are tortured to reveal the location of the gold: it is at the same location they were picked obviously, forcrissakes :slight_smile:

Watch the pre-credits sequence until Frank Wolff utters the title and then turn it of and watch Sabata instead.
(I admit that younger kids might like it)


(@Kill Them All and Come Back Alone)

Well, it’s not the greatest Spaghetti Western out there, but it’s certainly not boring. Above average for me.

(Mickey13) #97

I enjoyed it a lot. It’s somewhat dumb, but definitely not tedious.


Its good, I really enjoyed it, but ive only seen the wild east productions edition.

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I have an autographed poster replica of this here, but I need to figure out whose signature it is, does anyone have a sample of Castellari’s signature?

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Though not easy to interpret, here it is