Kill Them All and Come Back Alone / Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

I enjoyed this one well enough but really felt that Castellari could have done a lot more with it. He is, of course, great at action stuff but there is nothing but action here and, for me, it felt a bit like eating too much chocolate. Fun for a while, but after a bit I got fed up and wanted something a bit more substantial. Certainly nowhere near the heights he reached in Johnny Hamlet. Which is a shame as I think Castellari has a real talent in creating visually interesting compositions and is one of the genre’s better directors.

Anyhow, here is the link to my review for anyone interested.

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Always thought of this as a more violent, action oriented Any Gun Can Play, and loved it

When I saw it, I had recently seen Castellari’s Any Gun Can Play and I came, I saw, I shot, which isn’t a Chekhov drama either, so my expectations probably weren’t that high.

But it’s by no means one of the great spaghetti westerns

Just watched this movie for the first time. Well, it doesn’t offer more than some good action. Enjoyable anyway. I always like to see Frank Wolff on screen, nice performance. Excellent score by de Masi: Raoul sings “Come Mai” ! On my version he sings in English something like “There’s gold all men desire but few men will ever find. There’s gold that can’t ever be stolen. The gold that glitters in the sunshine…” It’s hardly understandable (Raoul’s accent :wink: ) !

I have seen Kill Them All meanwhile twice, but the film hasn’t improved with the second viewing.

Another SW variation of the Dirty dozen formula, but not made with enough ideas ideas to keep my interest. I only liked the last 10 minutes, the nearly uninterrupted ongoing shoot-outs and fistfights are so carelessly prepared, and are so carelessly connected, that to my surprise the film was slightly boring instead of being exciting.

I’m always a bit helpless when I ask myself what I’m thinking about Castellari as director, but a good action director should have made much, much more out of such material.

Chuck Connors was good in the lead. The rest of his gang was characterized by gimmicks, I didn’t care for them.

Frank Wolff lacks his usual charisma, his character was not very believable, and his “surprisingly” / foreseeable change was only a joke.

Well, that’s pretty much true. The whole plot is very incredulous ! Most certainly not Wolff’s best performance but I like it anyway just for the vicious way his face looks in this one.

Well, it’s not a bad film, but there is this wonderful title, and a film with such a title should be much better.
Still a 4/10.

Such a beautiful title may be a bad omen

I always thought this is the most beautiful SW poster:

Never seen the movie, most people say it’s only average, and more Zorro than Django

I thought kill em all was really enjoyable. even with lots of suspense and a clever plot. the only thing i don’t get is why the guy who jumped off the raft didn’t hide the gold. how could clyde have hidden the gold? aside from that, really great flick

I’m surprised not many like this on here… it would easily be in my top 20. The action scenes were ahead of their time and the camera work is pretty stunning. (I didn’t expect much from it after being dissapointed with Payment in Blood).

The mine cart explosion scene reminded me of the western level in the game ‘Timesplitters 2’, that’s been on my mind for a while.

I’m gonna try it now…
Back in a coupla hours…

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:10, topic:997”]I’m gonna try it now…
Back in a coupla hours…[/quote]
I reckon you’ll like it Rod, Chuck Connors is quite wooden but i think that adds to the pleasure of watching it for some reason

it’s not THAT long really :wink:

Well - not really … :stuck_out_tongue:
It was just ok - once I realized i was watching something more akin to an early pilot for The A Team, than a SW.
As a vehicle for stunt after scrap after stunt after scrap, it just got a bit boring. (I understand PhilH’s ‘chocolate’ metaphor here) and pretty much go along with his and brother Stanton’s feelings about this.
There’s better ‘specialist’ style sws - Massacre at Fort Holman or Adios Sabata for instance.
There’s a bit more substance and character in these - and great villains.
If it hadn’t have been a decent print I don’t think I would have been bothered to see it through.
I don’t mind a film that’s low on story or plot if it involves some sort of character study and situation observation (I’m thinking Hellbenders here - a favorite of mine) - but KTAACBA lacked any of this. It was a charisma lacking film (even Mr. Wolff didn’t get me going) - that was an extended bout of the worst excesses of Sabata-stylee circus tricks and moronic barroom brawls - neither of which fit comfortably in my perfect sws.
It’ll probably just about make my top 200.

On a good day

This one seems to divide opinions. I thought it was a crap but I watched such a bad quality version which was pain to watch. I have now the WE version on the shelf but haven’t watched it yet.

never mind, the unplausable nature of the film made it more enjoyable for me.

Damn good SW title - ‘Kill Them All and Come Back Alone’ - You have to wonder what that means though. Who’s ‘them?’ Why ‘kill them all?’ and why ‘come back alone?’ Pretty freakin’ funny.

Great title - ho hum film tho’. Bang crash, bang wallop, biff bosh bash - wallop wallop, kap-ow ping, boof aghhh BANG! sort of stuff …
But Frank Wolff’s character does say that immortal line to Chucky-boy regarding him killing his knife-throwing, hulking and acrobatic mates.

Brillant short review, should be added to the database.

It’s also a fitting synopsis without spoiling too much.

Love it


This movie has one of my favourite endings as well, an amazing underwater shot of Chuck Connors finding the gold looking so happy.