Kill Them All and Come Back Alone / Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

Ok then that might indeed be Castellari’s signature then

I liked this one more the second time I watched it. I think that’s because the first time I watched it, I was honestly expecting some kind of Sergio Leone film. The plot-holes prevent it from being great. It doesn’t make sense why Clyde McKay left the gold behind at the fort, for example. However, if you accept this Casteralli flick for what it is, I think it’s a four star film on the spaghetti scale.

Castellari flicks were never that great in the script department :slight_smile:

This is a common problem for many SWs, it happened to me too when I first saw them.

And this is why thematic subdivision is of major importance to help newcomers, for instance making clear which movies are Trinity-like comedies, belong to the lower division or are characterised by American B western style.


This indeed had quite a few tedious fistfight segments, and Frank Wolff’s character was the most uninteresting role I’ve seen him in so far.

Agreed, I wanted to like this one but couldn’t. The action to be fair seemed to be quite ahead of it’s time but after the first couple of fights the whole film just became repetitive and a bit of a chore.

Ok so first I thought I’d put it on Ebay, but I just don’t have the time and I would rather see this go to one of you.
This is a replica of a lobby card or quad poster, signed by Castellari. It was originally provided to me by Koch Media a few years ago, I don’t remember to what purpose, a giveway or something. Now it’s just been sitting in my shelf for too long and I neither have the space to put it up, nor do I collect autographs. I accept bids/offers by personal message and it will be shipped within Europe in a bubble wrap envelope with a cardboard stabilizer. I have not idea what this could be worth, so I’ll probably sell it to the first offer that sounds “good” to me :slight_smile:

Hm, no interest… so I put it on Ebay

Kino in the US are releasing this on bluray this year.

yea some details also emergin… updated the SWDb accordingly… might be very close to the Koch disc if we were to guess

Anyone know the differences between the Italian and USA versions ?

I saw this on the ‘Big Screen’ in 1974, and had to wait nearly 35 years to see it again, when I picked up the Spanish DVD in Malaga … nice holiday, but could hardly wait to get home and play the disc :smile:

Don’t think there were any differences, though it probably seemed much more violent through the eyes of a young me in the cinema. The scene when ‘Bogard’ (Hercules Cortez) is killed by his companeros was quite shocking at the time … especially as I wasn’t used to anything stronger than 1970s ‘Doctor Who’ … the movie would get a PG rating these days, but back on it’s original release it was an X certificate - How times have changed!

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Note that in the UK the movie was cut to obtain the X category. Probably a matter of seconds, details are not available. This happened in October '69 (some months later, in July 1970, the X certificate was modified to raise its age from 16 to 18).

In Italy, on the other hand, in December '68 the Committee voted by a majority for a T rating (all ages admitted) and no cuts.

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US version is just over one minute shorter, that’s all I know.

Apart from the slightly altered perception as a result of PAL speed-up, especially in action scenes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the info, JC :+1:

Apparently the Italian board of film censors was more lenient - as far as violence is concerned - than there colleagues in the North. In Holland most spaghetti westerns from the violent kind, were rated 18 almost automatically. There were a few exceptions, but I was too young for most movies when they were first released, so I had to wait until the next decade (and late night showings) of movies like Death Rides a Horse, The Big Gundown, Arizona Colt, etc. Return of Ringo and Once Upon a Time in the West had a 14 rating, so I was able to see them

How does the German bluray compare to the Kino Lorber bluray? Also, what is the additional footage in the Italian version, which is not included in the US version? Thanks.

The Kino Lorber BluRay includes both versions. The differences are explained here: Töte alle und kehr allein zurück - Schnittbericht: Englische Fassung (US Blu-ray) (

According to that site also, the Lorber BluRay uses the Studio Canal restoration which is also used for the Koch films BluRay, which includes the longer Version only.

Just watched the Koch Blu-ray. I had great fun revisiting the film. The picture quality was excellent and a lot different looking from my VHS and Wild East disc (both prints have a yellow tint, which wasn’t an issue for me anyway but this HD scan is pristine). As for the film, it’s even better than I remember. Definitely keeping it in my alternative top 20. Highly recommended! It’s a pity Chuck Connors didn’t make more spaghettis like this. He’s a very likeable actor and suits the role.

This SW seems to be a typical one that I with high probability only will “watch indirectly” via its forum thread :slight_smile:

Now on Netflix