Kill Them All and Come Back Alone / Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

(Silver) #61

It’s a Peter Lee Lawrence one. Gets described as “giallo” like sometimes as it’s a bit of a murder mystery type thing. It’s soundtrack isn’t too bad either. And the cd is one of those ones where they put on OST’s by the same person…have a few Bruno Nicolai ones done that way too.

(Angel Face) #62

Right. He did some others like that. .32 CALIBER KILLER comes to mind. I have a Luis Bacalov comp disc that does the same thing.

(Phil H) #63

It’s funny, but I always find Connors out of place in anything but a western. All what you are used to I guess. My early memories of him are from Rifleman but also another western TV series he did when I was a kid, Branded which I liked better.

(scherpschutter) #64

I watched the film twice within a few days some time ago and had a good time on both occasions
However, I wouldn’t say it’s great film making

I read that Connors fell ill during the movie and had to be replaced in most of the action scenes, while Castellari had wanted him exactly for his gymnastic abilities. I find him acceptable in this movie, because he’s not asked to act, just to be there and smile. It’s a bit unfair to judge his acting, he clearly wasn’t an actor …

(YourPallbearer) #65

Agreed. The intro to all the characters is cool but shortly after I was tempted to shut it off with the overly camp fist fight in the soldier’s bar.
As soon as the heist kicks in things brighten up and what follows is amongst the best “back stab” movies the genre has to offer.

4 out of 5.

(emerald) #66

Okay, so maybe this film has a few too many cheesy fistfights, but it delivers non-stop action and flamboyant visual style to a fine score.
It has an over-the-top hard-boiled high adventure feel that reminds me a little of a Hong Kong heroic bloodshed film.
Everything serves the action, but I think the action is mighty fine. The set-piece where
Blade and the Kid are slain is wonderful, ending on the Kid, plastered with blood and sand, reaching hopelessly through the closing gate. Few directors in the genre had such a knack for punchy, memorable visuals as Castellari.
Flaws and all, I love this one. Seen it four or five times and I’m sure to watch it again in the future.

(Silence) #67

Looks like a good movie!

(T.H) #68

Is the picture quality better on the German DVD then on WE’s ?

(Dorado) #69

I watched this one yesterday. It delivers what one would expect from Castellari, namely lots of action.
In a way its just an action film in western disguise, but its good fun none the less.

(davidf) #70

i’m afraid i didn’t like this one much. it was very predictable and was like a “Dirty Half Dozen” plus seemed very half hearted to me and was not for me very intresting. Intresting cast but the strongman Bogart was in Hercules Cortes one of the worst performances in a spaghetti western i have yet seen, he was just a meathead which i suppose was the point and to be honest i was glad when he got killed off. the music was ok as was Chuck Connors, and it had a couple of good moments but only average and instantly forgettable for me.

(korano) #71

The lack of charcater developement is crippling in this one. There just there and thats that.

(Silence) #72

And no actresses :-[.

(korano) #73

Thisis a mans movie!

(Silence) #74

Sure is.

(korano) #75

But it still sucks!

(Which is why I’m ashamed to be a man :-[ ;))

(Silence) #76

Sure does ;).

(p.pereira) #77

It is a Castellari…

(Silence) #78

But Keoma never had this problem!

(p.pereira) #79

I don’t think this movie sucks. It’s a nice action flick, perhaps if the characters were developed, this main goal would be lost. Lets not forget that many of the actors used in this flick were former stunts!

Anyway, my complete opinion on this one can be found here:

(Silence) #80

I don’t think it sucks but I do think it’s rather boring in parts. But nice action scenes it is. So I vote 3 stars.