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When the Bravo channel used to show good movies, and sometimes made the clean up for the R rated ones unintentionally funny


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Unfortunately ‘Talking Pictures’, the best movie channel in the UK, also censors content these days, even when it’s in context for the time period or setting.

Anything to do with racial slurs etc is normally faded out or re-dubbed with some background audio.
Even though the channel show a warning about possibly offensive language at the beginning of the program, they still edit. Very frustrating, and in fact pointless. :frowning:

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Sometimes I wonder if it’s them or the source material they have bought. I watched the Hot Rock this week on TPTV and Zero Mostel saying “bastard” was dubbed out silent. I presume like you that this is TPTV’s doing but it seems completely unnecessary considering that language is now pretty much no holds barred on UK television. If C**t is ok on the Frankie Boyle show why would they blank out something as innocuous as bastard?

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I believe it is ‘Talking Pictures’ themselves … as a few years back there was a ‘problem’ with the course racial slur language from some of the 1970s TV programs being shown on the channel - There were even threats made to take them off air … Since then they have displayed the warning or disclaimer that some viewers maybe offended etc

I would have assumed that was sufficient, but unfortunately swearing, even of a non racist type are often altered, and it seems rather arbitrary … some movies, like the 70’s Blacksploitation film ‘The Hit’ had all the motherfuckers and ‘N’ words intact.

We all know what this is about, but it serves no purpose … it’s not protecting anyone with extremely sensitive sensibilities, and it’s doing a disservice to the film and TV makers, who are almost certainly not promoting racism, but rather reflecting the realities of life … people did and do use these offensive terms and making edits to these shows is missing the point of why they were originally included.