Johnny Yuma (Romolo Guerrieri, 1966)

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It was already 10 years I saw this for the last time. Good film but also sadly flawed, it really takes its time to get going and with stupid saloon fight you might lose your interest before the good stuff. I don’t have a problem with Damon but then again Gemma would have been better choice for the lead. The mexican sidekick on the other hand is almost unnecessary character. But there’s lots of good stuff in it, first of all: the theme song is one of my biggest favorites, something that stays in your head for days. Like all the others, I was also fascinated by Rosalba Neri. Film is also memorable for the violence, kicking the kid to death is a nasty scene, something you rarely see in any movie. Killing of a bad guy in the end in sadistic manner is also very brutal (and makes you wanna cheer, guy gets what he deserves).

My rating: 7/10


I rewatched this last night mainly for Rosalba Neri ( Boy, is she ever attractive in this, can’t imagine another women in the role,) and because the score is classic, and will get stuck in your head for days. Has to be my favorite spaghetti western with Damon in the lead role. Outside of Damon and Neri, the rest of the cast isn’t memorable.


I think Signora Neri’s Western film career – seventeen movies in nine years, from 1966 to 1974 – reached its apogee in Tonino Ricci’s Monta in sella, figlio di …! (1972). Not the best Western she was in, but her best part: she plays a strong-willed, independent-minded gambler and trickster – and yes, she looks simply stunning. A nice interview with her in later years can be viewed on YouTube.

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Nice interview with Neri there. And good to see she looks back so fondly and positively on her career.

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As reported by Anti-Hero on Dirty Pictures, Johnny Yuma will be released on DVD next January by Colosseo Film.

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It’s a pity there’s no Koch release.

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Why. Colosseo ain’t that bad a company surely :slight_smile:

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I only have One After Another. Are their other releases all very good?


So far, Colosseo has released only a handful of Westerns: I watched its DVDs of Uno dopo l’altro, Rafael Romero Marchent’s ¿Quién grita venganza?, José Luis Merino’s Réquiem para el gringo and Luigi Vanzi’s Un dollaro tra i denti. All are fine.

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Yes, One After Another is a very nice release. I’ll consider buying Johnny Yuma if the transfer is much better than the Wild East and Mill Creek versions. Hopefully it’ll have English audio.

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I really have no idea why some people dislike this movie so much. I’ve seen it many times and it gets better and better. For me this is simply Guerrieri’s best western. The screenplay is fantastic and Guerreri’s direction is nothing but astounding. It has also one of the more original stories and characters including clean shaven hero, which is to be honest quite refreshing to see in SW lands and also courageous considerig the trend was just the opposite at the time. The cool thing is how Guerrieri transfers from fun side to exciting action. Some scenes are sooo tense, while others are funny. I liked even the bar brawl and did not find it disturbing at all. It does not feel like it does not belong there. The hated side kick is actually funny and so are Johnny Yuma’s one liners and dialogues. I always burst out laughing when Dobkins asks Johnny “Why did not you cover me?” and Yuma replies with a smile on his face “Well, I could not I was reloading!” :smiley: From the first sequence which could be named “How to sell a horse” you know this is not to be taken too serioiusly! “Ok, Let’s go in and close the sale. The drinks are on me. What’s the matter, you’re chicken, Hawkeye?” There are so many highlights, original ideas and memorable scenes in the movie I could hardly pick just one. If I was forced I’d pick the nasty torture scene and the final shootout. I loved the music effects. There are well convinced scenes that include some kind of suprise using mirros, towel, watches, the water flasks… It’s brutal and it’s ironic - that’s how I like it! Actors were all great, it’s withouth any doubt Damon’s best western and Rosalba’s too. She plays such an evil twisted manipulative bitch! And the guy who played Pedro managed to potray the sadistic incest villain excellently. The rest of the cast is pretty good either. The Almeria locations look so good in here and the camerawork belongs to genre’s best offerings.

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I fully agree with Diamond above… Just love this film and the Almeria locations well chosen… I normally don,t what films over and over again but this one gets a viewing once a year and never get tired of it and always spot something different in the scenes…Should be given more credit


My Colosseo DVD arrived today, and I can say it was well worth the wait. Really good audio/video, and you even get the Wild East interview with Mark Damon. Oh and English subtitles!

I never did manage to get a copy of the Wild East version, so I can’t really compare them.

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You can use my screen-shots.


Ah-ha! Just saw em :slight_smile:


Just watched this and enjoyed it, well made with a different plot compared to those you normally see in this genre. Gotta be honest, I watched $!0000 Blood Money years ago and didn’t like it, but watching Vengeance is Mine (which is one of the best in my humble) and this one made me think I should give it another go.

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I didn’t think 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre was anything special the first time I watched it but now it’s in my top 7 spaghetti westerns. Although both dubs are great, I have to say I prefer the English version since Camaso is dubbed by the same guy who did his voice in Vengeance. There’s some changes to the dialogue that that work better in my opinion, too. Always thought “he has never been with a girl like you” was a better line than “too bad, Dolores… So early.”


10,000 for a massacre didn’t impress me upon first viewing.


I thought it was a bit of a drag, then on my second viewing I was greatly impressed.

But as for Johnny Yuma, I can’t remember much so I’ll need to rewatch it soon.