James Bond

I just wanted to say that if you haven’t seen the remastered Bond films put out across four DvD volumes last November, you’re missing out. You HAVE to see the picture restoration by Lowery Digital; absolutely breathtaking.

I’ve seen a couple in the shops, do the discs in the boxsets differ from the newly remastered discs sold individually?
My favourite Bond film (controversial) “On Her Majesties Secret Service” the best music in a Bond film, the best girls in a Bond film and a very underrated Bond IMO.

Nope…the only difference between the boxed set versions of the films and the individual releases is that the single disc editions don’t contain the extra “Special Features” disc. The price for the box sets are pretty steep but I highly recomend those versions because of the utter onslaught of extra features…there are seemingly endless rare Bond artifacts and materials in the sets.

In regards to “OHMSS”, I agree that it is also one of my favorites next to “From Russia With Love” and “Goldfinger”. Wait until you see the remastered print of “OHMSS”…you can count every snow crystal on the ground! It is really weird…but the older films look 100x better than the newest ones with Brosnan.

ive loved Bond ever since i was a kid.
“CASINO ROYALE” is out next week on DVD, i saw it at the cinema at christmas and it was a hell of a lot better than i expected

Yes as a kid I remember seeing “Moonraker” at the Cinema. Much later I also saw “Never Say Never Again” on the big screen, will this film ever get the 2 disc DVD treatment I wonder.
The last film I saw at the cinema was King Kong (must get out more) and before anyone asks it was the 2005 version not the 1933 original!

Favourite actor who has played Bond?

Definitely Sean Connery.

Sean Connery is the best but my favorite Bond film is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It has best story, best villain (Telly Savalas) and best Bond girl(Diana Rigg) of the series but unfortunately the worst Bond, Lazenby.

Timothy Dalton is the best 007 in my opinion, he gives the character the right blend of seriousness and charm.

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Sean Connery is probably the coolest but I think they all bring unique elements to the role. George Lazenby gets slagged off a lot, but I like the way he doesn’t take himself as seriously as some of the other Bonds. In the opening scenes of “OHMSS” when Diana Rigg drives away he even turns to the camera and says “that never happened to the other fella”. “OHMSS” is a near perfect movie IMO, the only slight niggle I have with it is the over zealous way they speed the opening fight scenes on the beach.

It includes a couple of very tongue in cheek comments such as “a little stiffness coming on”. I love the ski chase and Telly Savalas is a great Blofeld.

I never cared for Bond movies. However, I must say I like the old ones better than the new ones. What’s always the same is the stupid plot, in which a megalomaniac tries to create a nuclear holocaust or blow up the world. Of course or ladies lover must then save the world… I find thatt boring and I don’t care much for the title character either. I’d rather do a Die Hard marathon, than watch any Bond movie. Perhaps they should get some more interesting directors to do Bond movies.

I have to agree. James Bond films don’t do anything for me. My dad used to take me and my brother to the cinema to see them and i would sit there looking at my watch! I think they require you to suspend your disbelief a little too much. I mean, after a couple of his escapes from the villains’ death traps, the next one he met would simply shoot him in the head, not bother to tell him all his plans and then leave him alone to escape! Also i don’t really like any of the actors who played him, particularly Sean Connery. On the other hand, the guy i live with loves them…he’s even buying those damn toy cars at the moment. Not that i can really talk, considering that i’m pretty much the same with westerns, but there you go. I guess we’ll never agree when it comes to films…

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Perhaps you would prefer the “Harry Palmer” films about the British Secret Service in the 1960’s “The Ipcress File” “Funeral In Berlin” “Billion Dollar Brain” and others later. They’re a much more gritty, less glamorous portrayal of life in British Intelligence staring Michael Caine and based on the novels of Len Deighton.

this is too hard, i should really say Connery but when i was a kid Roger Moore was Bond and that is who i was used to.
i remember my nan telling me James Bond was on TV when i was a little boy, it was Goldfinger, after about 45 minutes i was asking my nan where James Bond was!

Well bond movies are another thing that reminds me of childhood like the karl may westerns and spencer /hill films. Of course they are silly, but i like the character of bond, he is such a player. But i think the first austin powerse movie made fun of the stupid things in bond movies, but me and my sister loved austin powers as well.
So lazenby is the one, i never saw. Brosnan was okay and Dalton had no charisma for me, and it were stupid 80´s action movies mostly with him. Haven´t seen the new one, but i liked daniel craig in layer cake.

Of those I’ve only seen The Ipcress File, which I have on dvd. And you’re right, I like that a whople lot better. The movie is a bit slow, but makes up for it with cool atmosphere. Besides that, Harry Palmer comes across way more realistic than James Bond.

Was this post directed at me? I’ll certainly keep an eye out in case they turn up on tv, although, to be honest i don’t watch it much! And i guess my field of vision concerning “entertainment” is very narrow!

You are merely one of enlightened individuals who knows what they like in life!

Well i guess that’s a nicer way of putting it :smiley: