I Want Him Dead / Lo voglio morto (Paolo Bianchini, 1968)

Personally I don’t find that the film lacks cohesion as Phil says in his interesting Review. And to my way of thinking the pre-credits sequence is not “an inexplicable episode that has no obvious connection with anything else in the film” and is easily explained with the $ 4,000 in Confederate currency that Clayton brings with him to buy land.

As regards the ending, which I really like and which - as evidenced by the Italian version of Lida Lu’s song* - implies some sort of godsend, it should be noted that, aside from the idea of Russian roulette that not everyone can find fully convincing, it remains perfectly plausible: there was no everyone against each other here; rather, everyone against the traitor played by Francisco Nieto.

*[url]Nico Fidenco ft. Lida Lu -- Clayton - YouTube

Good SW, that will always be one of my favorites. My rating: 4/5.

I need to watch this again. I remember it being below average but people here seem to like it quite a lot. Soundtrack is awesome in any case.

Maybe not below average, but very average to me, I remember it being a huge disappointment. It didn’t lack cohesion, it was pretty coherent, but it lacked something to come up to my expectations.

Obviously not a masterpiece, but for me it’s a good-solid spaghetti that is more to my taste. And IMO it’s one of Craig Hill’s best.

My favourite Craig Hill western by far.

A quite solid revenge spaghetti western if you ask me. To me Craig Hill didn’t feel like a very charismatic gunman in the leading role and I liked him more for example in Tonino Valerii’s Taste for Killing (1968). Also Paolo Bianchini’s directing style felt quite average at times even though there are a couple of nice and stylish scenes too, for instance I really liked the opening title shots for this movie, excellent use of different colors there!

The part that I liked most about this movie was Nico Fidenco’s soundtrack and especially that beautiful theme track sang by Lida Lu.[url]Nico Fidenco ft. Lida Lu -- Clayton - YouTube That theme song alone is a good example why I love this genre so much: even though the movie itself follows a quite basic revenge plot, things like great scenery and a stylish soundtrack help the movie a lot in the end. It seems like I got to watch more SWs with Fidenco’s soundtrack because I also enjoyed his work on Taste of Killing and In a Colt’s Shadow.

All in all I Want Him Dead feels like a quite basic SW to me, but a good soundtrack and nice scenery lift this movie above the average. 3 stars out of 5.

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I have this soundtrack on CD. My favorite parts are the opening Clayton Ballad, and the Italian vocal version of “Clayton”.

One of my favourite scores of the composer.

Anyone got English subs for this? I would love to watch it as Craig Hill is one of my favourite spaghetti actors, but the Koch disc isn’t English friendly.

I watched this last night. It has become an instant favourite!

There is a widescreen edition released by a Brazilian company. It has English audio. There is one copy left on amazon.com, which is why it’s quite expensive. If you don’t mind bootlegs, the Cult Action DVD is very good quality (even though it is fullscreen) and has English audio. :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this on some multipacks, is the print the same as the Brazilian one?

Not sure. All I can say is that the Brazilian print looks remastered - Koch Media-like quality. The Cult Action bootleg is also very good picture quality despite the fullscreen presentation. I have both.

If someone can help me find out how to post screen shots, I’ll be able to show you. All I can say is that if you are prepared to pay the price, you won’t be disappointed with the Brazilian DVD but there’s only one copy up for grabs. If you can’t get that one, the Cult Action bootleg is the second best English audio version that I know of.

Rutledal told me how, so I’ll be able to post some for you guys. You can also check out the screen shots for Cult Action’s El Puro DVD on my posts if anyone is interested.

5-Movie Bloodiest Westerns from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, but I have no idea of the quality.

I’d rather get subs and buy the Koch disc because then at least I know what I’m getting. The last Brazilian disc I got was very disappointing.

[quote=“Rutledal, post:76, topic:967”]5-Movie Bloodiest Westerns from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, but I have no idea of the quality.

I’d rather get subs and buy the Koch disc because then at least I know what I’m getting. The last Brazilian disc I got was very disappointing.[/quote]

I can promise you that the Brazilian disc is as good as any Koch Media release I’ve come across. I’ll get some screenshots for you.

I can’t get it anyway, seller won’t ship to Europe.

I’m British and I ordered it from rareimports on amazon.com. They’ll ship to the UK but not the continent? Strange indeed! I’m getting the screen shots from both my Brazilian DVD and the Cult Action DVD for you to see anyway.

The Brazilian DVD is widescreen: