I Want Him Dead / Lo voglio morto (Paolo Bianchini, 1968)

There doesn’t seem to be much of a mention about this movie here, so… What are your opinions?

This is one of my favourite spaghettis.

Gritty & moody; the solid direction, downbeat vibe & great performances from Craig Hill & José Manuel Martín make it stand out. The score & theme song in the English language version are also very good & contribute a lot to the atmosphere.

Even though the Franco Cleef restoration is pretty good & very welcome, it would be nice to see an official release…

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Database page: Lo voglio morto - The Spaghetti Western Database

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I absolutely agree with you on this one, Ming!
I WANT HIM DEAD is one of my favorites, as well, for all of the reasons you have mentioned—plus, I love the Almeria locations used throughout the film.

An excellent film!

For me it’s a more routine SW. Nice looking here and there, entertaining, except for the disappointing end. The screenplay is a bit underdeveloped, this is one of the few SW where the logical holes in the plot are problematic.
The whole end with the attempted assasination is laughable, and the action scenes at the end are made also in an unimaginative way, so that the film lacks a satisfying finale.

Well, you shouldn’t make a film about an assasination on the commanders-in-chief of North and South if you only have 10 extras.

I added a poll. For me this is one of the best non official Django movies. It is too long ago I watched it so that I canbnot clearly say how much I like it :wink: But I know I found it quite interesting…

My favourite Craig Hill film I have viewed yet.

As I mentioned, I really like this one…but, I accidentally gave it 5 stars in the poll instead of 4.


IMO a really good one, with an interesting beginning. A good Score, some nice scenes and a beautiful lady Lea Massari. I liked the context with the american civil war. One of the few SW I would consider as real Django Movie. :slight_smile:

I liked it alot, tough movie with some brutal scenes… the ending is different from the usual spaghetti western ending and not what I expected. The music is worth mentioning as well, the main theme remindeds me of the main themes from Vigilante (1983) and High Plains Drifter mixed together.

I know what you mean, and especially love the Vigilante main theme.

The score is great. However, I found the rest of the movie just mediocre. Nothin’ special. I can’t quite put my finger on it but… Maybe it was the lack of character development or the way the two bad guys rape the girl. They walk up to the room as if it’s just part of there day to day life. Not bad but not good.

I also didn’t like the end, although it really has got thriller-like qualities, how the scenes are cut between the generals and the assasin. That’s quite nice. But then DJango enters the scene and the assasination part is over, and the thrill is gone as well… and the revenge itself is quite poor. Ok, Django does the russian roulette thing, but it doesn’t really kick ass. Then we’ve got this fight and the villain more or less accidentally dies. That’s what I call a rip-off-revenge.

I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. Easily the best thing about it for me was Jose Manuel Martin as Jack Blood. Brilliant! I immediately loved his performance right from the scene in which he and another guy rape/kill Claytons sister.

viewed this last night. again was taped from movies for men. thought it was ok but rather muddled, now i concede this may not be entirely the films fault as it was screened with no credits at all and just stills from the film when the opening credit music was playing.thought craig hill was better here than he was in the only other SW i have seen him in " bury them deep".average overall in my opinon.

I watched this tonight and I thought it was pretty solid but nothing outstanding. I thought the locations were excellent though, and it had a decent score. Craig Hill is pretty cool as the lead.

A well-deserved 3 out of 5 stars and definitely on my re-watch list.

one of my favorites, if for nothing else than shots like this

I need to see this one again as nothing here really stood out for me the first time I saw it and I remember next to nothing about it. ;D

Very catchy score to the film.


This is probably Craig Hill’s best western. The atmosphere is excellent. The sites are all familiar, great supporting cast and a decent story. The score is exceptional but maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure of mine as it’s easy to watch and there’s plenty of action to keep you interested.

Always been my favourite Hill western.