I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Just got Nevada Joe. Am playing catch-up with these German releases from the last three years. Damn there’s a lot :slight_smile:


Finally got my hands on this Japanese blu ray of I Want Him Dead. And yes, I can confirm it does play on region B despite it only saying A on the back cover. Plays in English and the picture quality is really nice.

I only had the Italian DVD previously, and that played without any subs so this is a big step up for me. It was the only one in my collection that had neither an english audio nor a subtitle track on the Italian language.


I got a chance to get the Australian release of this film from Umbrella for $13 with free shipping so I decided to upgrade.


It’s finally here! I’m so stoked.


I got the opportunity to get my hands on the Brazilian release of this film (which may be the only DVD release available?) used from a guy out in California so, since I don’t own it, have never seen it, and it was cheap, I decided to pull the trigger.

Straniero a Sacramento, Uno - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

On a related note, as I was flipping through the channels the other day, someone was interviewing Mariska Hargitay about Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The interviewer, as I gather must be quite often the case, began asking Mariska questions about her mother Jayne Mansfield. Very politely, Mariska said that she wished just once someone would ask her about her father instead of her mother. Mariska told the interviewer that not only was her father, Mickey, a one time Mr. Universe (true) but that he also had a successful acting career in Europe (debatable) :laughing:.

Regardless of what one thinks of Mickey’s acting ability or career, I did have to give Mariska a big old “Hell Yeah!” for demanding some recognition for her father.


Mickey Hargitay had a good onscreen presence I thought. His bodybuilding days and height allowed him to be physically imposing as the main villain’s henchman and surprisingly humane when playing morally conscious characters.

Yes, his acting wasn’t the level of Franco Nero and Tomas Milian, but he was overall believable in the parts he played. That his daughter Mariska is trying to get him more recognition is nice. She has pictures of him and her Mom Jane Mansfield on her desk on Law & Order: SVU.


Mickey Hargitay did appear in quite a number of Italian movies, notably THE LOVES OF HERCULES alongside JAYNE MANSFIELD, who was carrying Mariska at the time. He usually had to be dubbed because his thick Hungarian accent was not too easy to follow. In fact there are two versions of the Hercules movie around, one in which it is his own voice and one which is dubbed.

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Oh, I’m not denying that he made a fair number of movies in Europe…I’m just say there are aspects regarding his career that are “debatable”. :wink:

Y’all don’t forget to check the calendar regularly and buy all the good releases you can :slight_smile:


Decided to use my big purchase per year for this item must have

I went with OrbitDVD for the purchase as I’m sick of Amazon shipping boxsets in those damn stupid bags


I just got my Blood Money Blu-Ray set yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did anyone else experience any playback issues?
I got an error message on my Samsung 4k Blu-Ray player, and it spit them back out.

They play fine in my old Samsung Blu-Ray players. I thought maybe it was a region issue, but the other multi region Arrow releases work fine in my 4k player. :confused:


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I got mine in the mail yesterday, and I just checked all the discs and no automatic spit outs on my players. Samsung has a varied reputation for their players I believe. Sony and LG are always reliable in functionality, and Panasonic work pretty well I hear. I always buy Sony players myself as I’ve gotten my money’s worth with them 100 times over.

I’ve had various brands of Blu ray players … and the least expensive LG model has lasted longest, over 4 years with no problems … I bought Sony and had to replace the player twice, thankfully within the one year guarantee - it started playing up with ‘NO DISC’ messages.

Samsung have always been ‘a bit quirky’ … I’ve had trouble with DVD players and TVs.

Currently my LG player is slogging away every night without complaint … and I have two different models of Panasonic in reserve, one which plays all regions (mostly) :wink:

Pretty worrying to hear that the Samsung 4k doesn’t like SWs … hopefully just a temporary glitch.

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Do Orbit usually ship releases 2 weeks early? I’m so jealous people already have the set in their hands right now


I agree about LG. I have three LG’s (one of which is all region) and they just keep right on keeping on. :+1:

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That stinks you’ve had all those player issues @aldo, you’ll get a good player soon, I’m sure of it. Actually, a Sony DVD player I have might be on its last legs, but it is 10 years old and a decade of no complaint work is pretty good nonetheless. And @Kayo, we’re all hoping for a glitch only issue.

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Orbit and DiabolikDVD do usually ship pre-order items early, not sure exactly how it works there, but they do. To be honest, I was thinking I’d maybe get it a couple of days early, not two weeks early :wink:


I think it’s par for the course these days … and as I said the LG Blu ray refuses to break down even though I use it almost every evening.

With big brand names it may just be bad luck getting an unreliable machine, maybe just a bad batch.

I have one Panasonic and one Sony. Both work well but the Sony sometimes makes a noticably loud humming sound, comes and goes with some discs. The Panasonic has no humming but instead a “clicking” noise :rofl:

I can live with it though, however I’m sometimes paranoid that the player might “chew” or scratch the disc during playback, even though that’s very unlikely I presume :thinking:

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Never heard of a machine ‘chewing’ a disc … pero, quien sabe? :wink: