I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Just ordered these two sets cheap

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Got my self a copy of And God said to Cain. Can’t wait to experience this one.


Never heard of this film before. I hope it’s good.


I hope mine comes with a slipcase since it looks rather fancy! :grin: I noticed a few people got them without. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, although I pre-ordered it as soon as it was announced

Not as good as Vengeance!

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Haha. I wanted to get that one on Blu Ray but it’s out of stock. A lot of spaghettis I want seem to be out of stock.

It feels like I haven’t had a Blu-ray arrive in such a long time. Unfortunately I don’t have a 4K player but I’m sure the regular Blu-ray included will satisfy me enough.

As long as it doesn’t look like someone has pissed all over the negative, then it is worthy.

What 16 Spags are On that Set ?

Apache Blood, Between God, the Devil and a Winchester, Beyond the Law, Death Rides a Horse, The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, Find a Place to Die, Fistful of Lead, God’s Gun, Grand Duel, Gunfight at Red Sands, It Can Be Done Amigo, Johnny Yuma, Sundance and the Kid, This Man Can’t Die, Trinity and Sartana & Twice a Judas

How’s the quality (video)

No clue it isn’t here yet. Should be here Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Saw it recomended on another forum as a cheap way to get ok copies of a handful of films.

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Where did you order it from?

Amazon,ordered both sets I posted from there.

The 6 film Django set made it here today. Used IMDB to figure out what the listed films are.

Return of Django
No Room to Die
Viva! Django
Django’s Cut Price Corpses
A Few Dollars for Django
Massacre Time

Pre-ordered (due out in July):


Came in today. Nice looking tin.

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I remember getting this for about 79 pence from music magpie a while ago. Ridiculously cheap and had some watchable transfers.

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Cool. I figured for how cheap it was it was worth taking a chance on it

Some of my recent SW acquisitions.