I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

I’ve heard worse ! :laughing:

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Great buy!!

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I can confirm that this Blu-ray has English audio. Just received it in the mail today. Weirdly enough it says Italian audio on the back but it’s false. English audio only. Along with the usual options for Netherlands subtitles.

Dutch? So is it the Scandinavian release we have listed or another one altogether?

My bad. It’s the Scandinavian release. I got mixed up with the countries

Monkehed, how is the picture quality on the Scandinavian Blu-Ray God forgives, I dont?
Is it widescreen? The old scandinavian dvd-release was fullscreen

It’s widescreen and I’d say it’s good looking but not much improvement from Dutch dvd I already had.

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It’s in Widescreen and it looks decent but I think it could look better. Hopefully, one day MGM/Kino will do a restoration of the film. AFAIK MGM doesn’t have an HD master of it.