I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(David ) #3144

Yup, very annoying indeed.

(David ) #3145

Bought Wild East DVD of The Dirty Outlaws for 40$ on Ebay last night. Anything can happen when you go Ebaying after acouple of beers…

(Søren) #3146

From Arrow’s recent sale Texas Adios finally turned up:

Edit: Not Keoma. Texas Adios :slight_smile:

(Asa) #3147

Very nearly bought this yesterday myself! Had it in my hand, swapped it for Dark Water (Nakata, 2002) instead. It was a toss-up between two movies I already own on DVD, and Japan beat Italy this time around. It’s the only Arrow spag for which I’ve had no enthusiasm whatsoever. I’ll still get it eventually, though. Probably. Maybe.

(Søren) #3148

The best thing about Texas Adios is its title song corny as it may be :slight_smile: Dark Water is an excellent movie so not a bad choice :slight_smile:


Looks impeccable so far.

(Søren) #3150

Finally up to speed with Arrow spaghetti western releases again. The Grand duel arrived yesterday:


I’ve only seen Garringo out of these. Please tell me the others are amazing. (I know His Name Was King will be terrible).



I thought His Name Was King and Gunfight At High Noon both were OK (6 of 10) after a first view (Better than recently viewed California) but maybe Gunfight At High Noon slightly better of the two and interesting early Tabernas location SW before Leone.


Most recently bought The Stranger Collection and the Koch Media bluray of Last of the Badmen. All three movies were good, but I especially enjoyed the two with Frank Wolff. What a great actor.


Is the English audio track as bad as people say?


Yeah, it’s pretty terrible. The music especially sounds very distorted. :frowning: Next time I watch it will probably be in German, even though my German isn’t all that great.


Shit. Guess i’ll try find an English fansubbed version or something. Thanks for confirming.

(David ) #3157

Got some stuff from both ebay and amazon on the way but ohhh how I hate to be waiting like this…

(The Man With a Name) #3158

Terrible? I love that film! El Rojo is another gem.


I’ve read almost nothing good about it :smile:

Yes I’m looking forward to El Rojo, Anything with Dick Harrison is worth watching. Is Wild East’s DVD seriously the only ‘official’ release?

(The Man With a Name) #3160

Seems like it. The title credits are also missing from the print Wild East used. I have a Greek VHS with the opening credits.

(Grinder) #3161

German VHS also has the opening credits.
I have uploaded them here some years ago: