I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Nowhere it seems. Didn’t know it had gone OOP.

Here’s a link for it from Amazon US and Amazon Italy. Both are excellent quality, but for some reason Amazon US is selling almost everything retail now, so you might wanna wait until they let the price drop again. The Italian Blu Ray seems to run about 12 or 15 USD or 9 to 12 GBP. I also recommend a region free Blu Ray player if it fits your budget. Hope this helps you out

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Strange. Didn’t find that US Big Gundown when I searched on amazon. Its also region free so region freeness is not mandatory for that one :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t the German release be the one to get for the longer cut with the English dub and subs for undubbed parts?

The US release has both the extended US dubbed cut and the uncut Italian language version with translated subtitles. I believe Grindhouse Releasing got permission to use the first German restoration just used the Italian audio. I actually prefer how Grindhouse presented Sollima’s original cut as I’ve never been a fan of going back and forth between Italian and English language, the original Italian is perfect.

The recent Italian Blu Ray looks like a newer restoration and just has the Uncut version of the film, which is still good for anyone who just wants the Sollima original. That one I think would has the back and forth like the German release.

As much as I prefer the Italian cut, I can’t help but miss LVC and Walter Barnes’ voices.

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I hear ya, how could you not love Lee Van Cleef’s voice. His voice and face are distinct and memorable. In all fairness, Emilio Cigoli was the perfect dubber for Van Cleef, he had that same crispness and raspy quality that made LVC’s voice so iconic. Renato Turi, who did his voice for this film and his Sabata films, is good, but doesn’t have that crisp rasp.

So I already have the ‘Dollars/Man with no Name Trilogy’ on DVD, but I’m kind of interested in buying this blu-ray box:

Would it be worth buying this if I already have the movies? Or is there anyone who has this box set and can tell me if the quality is really good?

Just got the Fort Yuma Gold / Damned Hot Day of Fire in the mail:

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The SWDB get a mention on the back of the cover by the way:

Featuring 2 of Quentin Tarantino’s “Favorite Spaghetti Westerns” - The Spaghetti Western Database

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Nice little tripple package, wonderful suprise to greet you home on a Friday after work.


I just ordered this, also. Not sure if I am going to get the KL FAFDM.

Does anyone know if the Arrow Django: Prepare a Coffin has a reversible cover art sleeve and if so is there a picture of it maybe? I’m thinking about buying that because I’d rather buy more good Arrow releases and less Kino flops. Arrow is the absolute best at special features and restorations for SW’s, in my opinion.

Yeah you get the original Italian artwork on the other side.

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Thanks, Dean! I found a video on youtube that tells all about the release. The reverse original cover art looks way better. I find with the new Arrow cover they tried to make him look like Franco Nero.

Nice pick ups. :+1: I have the Blu Ray in the middle already, and have the two Tomas Milian ones on my wish-list. I’m actually planning on picking up Artus Film’s Mediabook of The Ugly Ones.

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While being on the subject, I reverse the sleeves on all my Arrow SWs, the original artwork is a big part of the charm for me, and some of the new designs like you said looks wrong. Gemma looks like an old woman on the Ringo-set for example.


I do the same and yes the Ringo cover is particularly gruesome :slight_smile:

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The only Arrow artwork I like is Cemetery Without Crosses. The others are exaggerated and annoying.

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Me too!

Here are the two releases I have just purchased.



Next on my wishlist I hope to get is A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die by KL.

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Just ordered this from Amazon. This Wild East editions needs first priority on the shopping list.