I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(djvaso) #3084


(Cat Stevens) #3085

I just got a copy of this in the mail. I’d ordered it back in November, and it only just arrived from Germany. I won’t get a chance to open it up and watch until tomorrow, and now I’m left hoping I did my research and there’s English audio or subtitles.

(Wilco Vedder) #3086

Let me know. This box looks interesting :grinning:

(Søren) #3087

It’s probably just a repackaging of the old releases and if so you are in the clear.

(Stanton) #3088

Not necessarily.
These are surely the older releases, but when re-packed on only one DVD, like here, they often retained only the German audio.

And this collection here does only feature German audio according the the back cover: https://wom.de/movie/detail/-/art/western-triple-collection/hnum/2829799?iampartner=wgapr&awc=117&awa=1047&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpq6br6K74AIVYyrTCh3CIA4_EAQYAiABEgIP8vD_BwE

But maybe the data are wrong.

(Søren) #3089

Yikes. Three movies on one dvd in itself spells trouble :slight_smile: Thought it was a box set of some sort.

(Stanton) #3090

And to make things worse, 4 of the Apo is most likely only the heavily cut German version.

(Søren) #3091

The cover shown made me think that it was this one:


Which should be more or less uncut, or?

(Stanton) #3092

The total runtime is 255 min, according to the cover, and The Bounty Killer runs already 96 min. I’m sure it is the short version, especially as there is no complete dub for the uncut version.

(Cat Stevens) #3093

Well, I’m left wondering why I bought this one, then. I’m also wondering if perhaps I intended to order something else, and chose the wrong option through a Chrome-translated Amazon Germany site. Or maybe I took the “identical from prior DVD” on the SWDB listing too literally. I didn’t pay much for it, so it’s not too much of a loss either way.

I wish Amazon would set up different pages for different media releases instead of stacking them all together. I’ve bought several used books and wound up with different editions than I thought I was getting.

(Søren) #3094

The German Amazon is already available in English so no need to run it through a translator.

(Cat Stevens) #3095

Welp, it looks like I screwed this one up all around, then!

(Asa) #3096

Just ordered (due out in May):

(David ) #3097

Bought the Arrow Sartana Box off eBay the other day. Paid around 120€… Couldn’t resist it, looks so cool on the pictures…

(Søren) #3098

It is a nice box set but that seems like an insane price. Available on amazon.co.uk for approx. £73.


… and still available in HMV in the UK, at it’s original price of £49.00


It had to be Code Red of all labels to put this one out :neutral_face:

(Sebastian) #3101

Yeah :frowning: the fact that their distribution sucks is one thing. How is the quality?


Probably the best it will ever look.
caps taken from: https://www.mondo-digital.com/cutnine.html

(David ) #3103

Where can I find The Big Gundown on bluray for a decent price?