I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)




Since Raro’s blu-ray is a waxy DNR fest, I opted for the DVD:


(Andy) #3005


Well, I’m proud to announce that I bought it…finally! Hard to believe it was released in June and we’re almost at October already. Now I know that I won’t have to spend the rest of my life not forigiving myself for not buying it! :grin: Viva Sartana!

(Andy) #3006

I just posted my new top 20 in the vote for the official top 20 thread and got thinking about Sartana…I walked out to check the mail and look who I found between the screen door and front door…

I thought I would be facing some import fees but not a thing!


Enjoy ! :grinning:

(Søren) #3008

Finally managed to ‘complete’ the Koch Media Western Helden-range:

Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja


(Sebastian) #3009

Oh man I just started, and I still have a gap or two in my rainbow collection as well…

(morgan) #3010

Preparing for November, I just bought:



(Sebastian) #3011

what is that, I never heard of it… but I have heard of… Spaghvemberfest!

(morgan) #3012

Prepearing for the SPAGVEMBERFEST i also bought this one:


'May God Forgive you … ’ is very enjoyable - ‘Massacre at Grand Canyon’ however may feel like it lasts the entire month :anguished:

(morgan) #3014

That’s the one I’m after, don’t think I have seen it. The other one I have seen, for the sake of order, don’t think I’ll watch it again.

(morgan) #3015

I almost bought


but I never bought anything from these guys previousely, and they don’t hand out much information. Is it uncut? Is it English friendly?

(kevenz) #3016

I bought this one last year… yes it’s uncut and English only.

The print is pretty good for the most part…. some parts are a bit dark but it’s ok.

(The Man With a Name) #3017

I still prefer the colours on the Image Entertainment DVD. Code Red’s transfer looks a bit too blue. I would like to see a new transfer for Vengeance.

(morgan) #3018

Thanks for the information! As the the Image Entertainment DVD seems to be cut, and the Code Red BR not, I think I’ll go for the latter.

The film’s DVD page by the way has Image Entertainment DVD as OUT OF PRINT, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Edit: They didn’t ship to Norway. Image Entertainment it is, then.

(Søren) #3019

Who are they? Code Red themselves? They famously only ship within the US but you can get it here:


DiabolkDVD ships globally.

(morgan) #3020

They didn’t fancy my address, though…

(The Man With a Name) #3021

Cut? I didn’t notice anything different between them and I have both. Both are the exact same running time.

(Søren) #3022

Hmm. I have sometimes encountered an error in their shop causing it not to show any postage options. Removing and adding a movie seems to help :slight_smile: They should ship to Norway. I’m in Denmark so we’re practically neighbours :slight_smile:

Else drop them a mail. They respond relatively rapidly to questions.

(morgan) #3023

I wouldn’t know. But the film’s page says runtime 99 min. And Amazon has the Image Entertainment DVD as 81 min.