I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


Yup, I really like that Kevin Grant featurette.

(Andy) #2985

Is this blu-ray region free?

(Bill san Antonio) #2986

Mine is Region B but it’s been released in US as Region A too.

(Sebastian) #2987

can you elaborate?


Kevin Grant talks about the amount of Django movies that were made, and it shows a list from the SWDB.

(Andy) #2989

I got the German Stranger Collection DVD set in the post today and the discs have no scratches, the case is in perfect condition, and this cost less than half of if I got this or the MGM Stranger Collection brand new. It arrived in less than a week which is even faster than buying from the USA! Thanks for the advice! Oh, and the discs are region free :smiley:

(kevenz) #2990

The German Stranger serie on dvd is great but the MGM looks better.

(Mark) #2991

Nice pick-up, enjoy.

(Andy) #2992



The Ringo double-feature was a must-have…I decided to get the Trinity set because I must admit I am a sucker for those movies (as low-brow as they must be to some of you). I just love Hill & Spencer. It’s nice to have a comedic break sometimes. I bought these ahead of some other items on my wish-list like the Sartana box which I’ll get next month probably (just hoping my source for it doesn’t discontinue the ebay listing). Later on this month I may get some other Terence Hill blus (Django: Prepare a Coffin, My Name is Nobody).


I have the Spanish Trinity blu-rays. Do you know if that Hen’s Tooth release is uncut?

(Andy) #2994

No, I hope it’s not cut. There is no information for the release here on the SWDb. I tried asking about it in another post but not many details. I know people have said that the henstooth DVDs were cut versions but this could be an entirely different HD source. They had 10 years between the DVD release and the blu-ray release to find something better and listen to people complaining that they’re cut.

(Andy) #2995

I found a youtube video of some guy opening up the blu-ray case and apparently on the disc for They Call Me Trinity the runtime is listed as 115min. Does that sound uncut?

Edit: Just checked the Amazon listing for the original Hen’s Tooth DVD of They Call Me Trinity and it is listed as 106min…so compared to this blu-ray listed as 115min I am willing to bet this means this blu-ray release is uncut (but I could be wrong, I’ll leave that up to you experts :wink: ).

(Søren) #2996

Just got:

3 Pistolen gegen Cesare



(The Man With a Name) #2998

Is it worth getting the Hen Tooth Blu-rays if I already have the UK DVDs? Would be nice to have some screenshots to compare.

(Andy) #2999

I don’t have the UK DVDs so I can’t really say but I know they’re a step up from the Hen’s Tooth DVDs. Also heard somewhere that they are better than the Spanish blu-rays. Tried to take a screenshot with PowerDVD but it says I can’t for blu-ray discs.


Screenshot from the Nouveaux Pictures, UK DVD

and just for luck :grinning:

(Andy) #3001

Tobias: “…thus spake Ezekial”
Trinity: “and he was damn right!”

(Andy) #3002

Ok here is a screenshot from the Hen’s Tooth blu-ray (but shrunk down to 720p)


Interesting … look at the difference in colour with the bottle :thinking: