I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


Think this is the one were 6ft 9 Eastman is riding a tiny little donkey at the beginning, and some animal rights protesters shoot at him to protect the poor creature … shocking! :wink:

(Andy) #2964

I ordered the Kino Lorber blu-ray of The Mercenary that was released at the same time last year as Death Rides a Horse and which I believe has an Alex Cox commentary track. I thought his commentary for DRAH was interesting enough. I’ve never had a blu-ray or DVD even of The Mercenary in my collection so I’m looking forward to having it.

(Andy) #2965

These all came in the post today. :sunglasses:

(Søren) #2966

Finally picked this one up:

Stirb oder töte:



You’ve just reminded me I need to buy the Ripley FOD & German FAFDM. Gonna go do that now.

(Søren) #2968

And reminds me that I still have to watch that there Get Mean again :slight_smile:



(Andy) #2971

On the FAFDM disc that I got it has the MGM lion opening logo, does your’s have that too, Dean? I thought it was a German print of the film but the opening credits were in English, also. The FOD German disc had the Ripley’s opening and then German opening credits, though. Is the US MGM print of FAFDM the one that is cut? I hope the Universum disc is at least uncut if it is sourced from MGM. Both discs have extras ported over from the US MGM discs.

(The Man With a Name) #2972

The German Blu is definitely uncut as opposed to the other releases. The credits are all in English but the writing that appears on the screen is in German. It also has the original mono, not a downmix of the new soundtrack.

(Jacobs André) #2973

Hi Soren,
I think this treat is for dvd/bluray &vod; and I posted only singles , cd’s and one album… So I think that where I posted first was correct ; in the topic “music & soundtrack” :grinning:

(Søren) #2974

Hi amigo. That was a response to Dean that posted a cd purchase and sunsequently moved his post. I’ll just delete my post as it makes no sense now :slight_smile:

(Andy) #2975

I am planning on maybe buying the MGM “Stranger Collection” ‘made on demand’ DVD-R set. But is it worth getting? DVD-R doesn’t work on my region free Philips player but it does on my PS3. I haven’t seen much about this release and I take it there are no extras. I wish at least the first two Tony Anthony Stranger films could get the same treatment that Blue Underground did for Get Mean.

Edit: Should I make a new post for this topic?

(Mark) #2976

I don’t know about a Philips player but I’ve been very happy with my budget Sony region free blu-ray player, purchased on ebay. Rarely have I had issues with DVD-R’s, a couple times maybe… I recommend “The Stranger Collection” from Colosseo, in PAL. Amazon DE should have it.

(The Man With a Name) #2977

You can get the Stranger films on actual DVDs from Germany. If you’re not picky about the third film being in fullscreen, it’s worth getting them instead.

(Andy) #2978

Thanks, that’s what I’m looking at right now on ebay and using amazon for some info. I can get it used from an ebay seller in Germany for cheap (I just hope it’s not too damaged). I’m using google translate quite a lot to see what they’re saying about it. I am not picky about the third film where he goes to Japan, I mostly like the first two which is what I want and what this Colosseo set has.

(The Man With a Name) #2979

It won’t be damaged since it comes in a plastic case. I ordered mine from Amazon and it was well packaged.

(Bill san Antonio) #2980

From Arrow:

(Wilco Vedder) #2981

He looks closer to Franco Nero then Terence Hill on that cover


I’m still wondering why Arrow’s print is so yellow. Was it the theatrical ‘intent’ just like GBU?

(Bill san Antonio) #2983

Btw, did anyone else notice that swdb is featured shortly on the extra material? :sunglasses: