I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Nick) #2862

The first time I saw Django and Sartana was on that truly horrific Video Asia Sartana box set. It looked liked it was once a vhs pan and scan and then ground up and shit into the visage of a dvd. Maybe I should give it another attempt though since I have a bit more patience since my teenage years.

Django Story is exactly a best of compilation and it is truly awful and fantastic at the same time. It amused me greatly to see Hunt Powers beat the ever loving crap out of people with his cripple cane.

Also, you’re right in that it wouldn’t make sense that Sancho would be in a Fidani film. I never noticed it before and I got kind of excited for a second. Chances are though that Sancho had like ten other films he was shooting at the same time so I don’t see why he’d spend ten minutes getting accosted by Powers’ bread roll.


If i’m not mistaken they used some of Franco Cleef’s rips for that piece of shit.

(Nick) #2864

They used multiple Franco Cleef rips for their releases. If I’m not mistaken Sartana Angel of Death is the one rip I know of on the Sartana box set. I don’t know which others are on it but I know for a fact that Gli Fumavano Le Colt is another rip that’s on the third boxset, In fact that rip gets thrown onto all kinds of the cheap boxsets.

(Asa) #2865


Due somewhere around the end of June.

(Sebastian) #2866

the 25th

(Nick) #2867

It’s a little while to wait, but I’ve been wanting this for almost a decade now. Pre ordered mine to the tune of about 80 buckaroos.

(Søren) #2868

Just got the new Ringo double feature:

It’s out of stock from Amazon UK at the moment which must be an indicator that sales are better than expected.

(ENNIOO) #2869

Lets hope so, as Amazon just sent me the incorrect film out.

(Søren) #2870

That’s a pain. Incidentally yesterday I received a package from amazon.co.uk missing two movies. First time that happened. Have been sent a couple of wrong items, but never from amazon. Been lucky I guess.

(Søren) #2871

Just got Die dicke Bud Spencer Box containing It Can Be Done Amigo:

(Sebastian) #2872

not out of stock anymore

(Nick) #2873

Been purchasing some stuff, but this is the most noteworthy thing I’ve snagged in awhile.

Super excited for when it finally get’s here.

(Søren) #2874

Nice. Bought it when it was released. Fantastic release.

Please notice that we have a dedicated thread for soundtrack purchases:

I’ve been all alone in there for a while :slight_smile:

(Nick) #2875

I didn’t even notice that we had a dedicated thread lol. I might mosey in there and post my haul from the past couple weeks.


I received my copy of Wild East’s “Days of Vengeance”/“Erik the Viking” last Thursday from Amazon. This takes one more film off my want list.

(Søren) #2877

Received the following three Wild East double features:

Days of Vengeance / Erik the Viking
California / Ramon the Mexican
The Ugly Ones / Sonny & Jed


The prize for most incosistent dvd cover work goes to… Wild East.

This is three double features. One has gotten the yellow band across the cover wherein it says Double Feature on the spine, the other has that same yellow band but states nothing on the spine (someone forgot to do proof on the cover it seems. Not for the first time). The last one (the Tomas Milian double) has no yellow band at all. The front covers themselves are in three different styles aswell. Let me just say that I do not say that covers has to be uniform in any way, but it seems that that is precisely what Wild East intends… Sometimes, until they forget. Maybe they have 3 different people doing their covers that each doesn’t know the existence of the other two. Oh well.


I am so glad Arrow are releasing the Sartanas instead of them.

(Søren) #2879

Arrow is in a totally other league financially wise aswell. We will never see Wild East releasing blu-rays on a major scale or do brand new HD scans.

Let me just clarify that I love Wild East for what they release and has been releasing for the last 17 years. They are still invaluable for the spaghetti western and actually they do really nice covers and has always done so. Especially for a company of that size. They are really fine covers which is why it wonders me so much that after they have composited such a beauty they basically trip over their own feet on the finish line.

(Sebastian) #2880

Finally added this to my shelf… have to say that they probably used the same material already used for the previous German DVD… still a nice upgrade, will keep the other for the extras and the German audio

(Andy) #2881

Looks like I haven’t posted in about 3 years. It’s nice to visit the forums again. I recently got my blu-ray copy of Death Rides a Horse by Kino Lorber that was released late last year. I have a long wishlist of other spaghettis I want to get and looks like I’ll have to wait for the new The Great Silence blu to become more available on ebay. I wish I could get it from Best Buy here in Canada but they don’t stock anything but the Leone films even for online shopping. Still unable to use amazon. I’m glad to see so many spaghettis coming out on blu like the Sartana collection (which I’ll never be able to afford lol). Glad to see ENNIOO is still around. :grinning: