I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Stanton) #2841

They say it does not add to the price, at least not if it is the Blu you want to buy.

(Asa) #2842

These beauties showed up this afternoon:

Thats this evening’s viewing sorted out!


Let us know how much of Navajo Joe is cut.

(Asa) #2844

It’s 92mins23secs long exactly compared to my old Optimum Releasing “Western Classics” UK DVD which runs 88mins29secs so, if that helps you to ascertain which “version” it is, cool. I have no doubt that I’ve fucked it up and bought the wrong version because I always do, but there is literally no way I’ll be trawling through it to see in what way it’s inferior to the German release or the Greek TV version or the Japanese mix or the Turkish reissue or whatever the fuck because those versions have an extra 3.2 seconds of horse trips or blood squibs or an additional scene featuring Burt Reynolds bumwronging a llama in the face etcetera etcetera. I know that stuff means the earth to some people but, to be honest Dean, I couldn’t give a fuck about that. I had it on DVD, I’ve now got it on blu-ray, it’s clearly more-or-less the entire picture one way or the other and I’m delighted. :+1:


Burt Reynolds bumwronging a llama :sweat_smile: LOL

I’d love to see some screenshots if you get a chance ? Enjoy the movie

(Asa) #2847

What, of that? You dirty bugger aldo, you’ll go blind you know! :slightly_smiling_face:

(I don’t think I can do blu-ray screen shots, I haven’t got a blu-ray disc drive. I can take a picture of my telly but that doesn’t really do the job)

(Stanton) #2848

The German Blu runs 92:52 min, and is supposed to be uncut. I doubt that the British Blu is then cut ,and I’m certain there is an simple but amazing explanation for the amazing 2 sec gap.

(Phil H) #2849

I would always presume some horse fall cuts.


(Asa) #2850

See, this is what I’m talking about when I say I couldn’t care less about this stuff. That says that 88films’ 92min15sec submission (says 92min23sec on my blu-ray player, but whatever) of Navajo Joe has had 9 seconds cut from it (although it also says Optimum’s 88½min submission only had 6secs cut; so was that cut before it was submitted for cuts?). I mean, 9 seconds, 6 seconds - really, so what? And if it’s for horse falls, so what times ten. If they’ve only sliced 9 seconds of distressed or injured horses from the movie I’m happy to see that shit go in the bin. I don’t believe that has compromised the director’s artistic integrity whatsoever. Now if we’re talking an entire missing scene then yes, I’d be all about wanting to get that scene restored. Certainly if the director had intended for that scene to be in the picture but it had been cut by the distributors just to turn over more cinema tickets. But 9 bloody seconds?? F*ck that noise.

NOTE: I should stress that this is my opinion as relates to ME only. I do not believe that these issues are in any way without merit for those among you who care about chasing down these missing seconds. Kudos to you, gentlemen!

(Asa) #2851

(shifted this conversation from the non-spag shopping diary thread to the spag shopping diary thread. Seemed more appropriate)


It’s strange because that horse-trip is in the trailer, and I bet that very trailer is still on the 88 disc in all its glory. Whoops! :smile:


I expect all of these films to be absolute critically aclaimed masterpieces:


‘A Man Called Django’ is reasonably entertaining, in an Edward G. Muller type of way.

Couldn’t say it was a ‘masterpiece’, I’ll leave that to the Anthony Steffen specialists :wink:


And I expect them to be thoroughly and utterly related to Corbucci’s original film…

(tomas) #2856

“The films that inspired Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained”.

Yes, these two were major inspiration.


Fucking LOL. I’ve literally just noticed it said that.

(chuck connors brother) #2858

I prefer A Man Called Django to Django… and Django and Saratana was surprisingly good

(Nick) #2859

For an hour and thirty minutes I’d like to enter your mind and see exactly how you found this film to be good. I watched that movie and was thoroughly un-entertained. In my personal opinion I quite think “Django Story” is by far a more refined and cultured Fidani experience.

Also I could never tell, but is Fernando Sancho the old guy in the ghost town? The old man who has bread tossed at him by Hunt Powers? His face is obscured by a wig and a giant mustache but I could swear that is our lovely Spanish bandito.

(Bill san Antonio) #2860

Django and Sartana is good fun!

Isn’t Django Story sort of a “best of -compilation” of Fidani? Didn’t like it that much myself.

The guy in the ghost town looks like Sancho but I doubt it’s him. Even though there’s cameo roles in Fidani’s Sam Wallach but in this case it’s Fidani regulars.

(kevenz) #2861

I haven’t seen it but apparently Ten Killers come from Afar is pretty bad… it’s one of those Spaghetti Western Comedy that’s just not funny.