I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2821

Christmas presents:

Verdammt zu leben - Verdammt zu sterben (blu-ray)
Von Django mit den besten Empfehlungen (dvd)

(Nick) #2822

Here’s a small bit of what I’ve been hoarding for the past few months.

This is what I got for Christmas:

Purchased a few weeks ago:

(Søren) #2823

Ah. Nice mix of stuff. Good to see that someone is picking up some spaghetti western soundtracks and posters. That Alleluja poster looks damn nice.

(Nick) #2824

Thanks man, I’ve got a huge collection of posters pilling up in my closet right now and I’m looking for a way to make high quality scans of them. I want to share them with all of you guy’s.

(Søren) #2825

Haha. I’ve got mine stashed more or less away too. Got a large bunch of them not scanned but photographed. Those 4 sheet Italian posters are impossible to scan. Got a site here (hasn’t been updated for several years though):


(MMcG) #2826

just purchased A Fistful of Dollars original poster 30 x 40” - planning to restore and frame i

I like the poncho above!

(Nick) #2827

I remember you shared this on the poster thread and I’m still flabbergasted by the amount of art you have… You’ve got some amazing golden ones in there!

I just saw that you owned [this poster] (http://spaghetti.tangora.net/media/memorabilia/PerMilleDollariAlGiorno_Italy_2SH.jpg) and realized that this is probably the most recycled poster art I’ve ever seen.

Wow that’s really nice! I haven’t seen too many of these American quad’s out there. How much did that set you back lol?

That was one of the highlights of my Christmas actually! If you ever get the chance to purchase one do it! Just be sure it’s the ones that are made in Mexico as there are some cheap copies that are completely worthless!

(MMcG) #2828

The poster was €290 plus 20% commission at auction - I reckon it will cost the same again to recondition and frame - hopefully it will last another 50 years!

Any suggestion on where to purchase the best ponchos and how much to pay?

(Nick) #2829

Wow, that’s insane, but to own an original Dollar’s trilogy poster I think paying any price is okay!

Also the poncho I believe can be found on Ebay, they usually go for about 100 to 150 usd. It’s not too bad. Also the poncho I posted above isn’t the exact one I received for Christmas, it was just a quick picture I found lol. The one in the link below is the one I got though. It isn’t the exact color as in the movie but I honestly have no qualms. It’s very nicely made, with quality wool, and has a leather collar so you don’t get an itchy neck!



If only eBay was around when The Stranger was gearing up to come to town!

And I love how Cox still insists on confusing a serape and poncho. It really ain’t difficult.

(MMcG) #2831

Thanks for the info - I had looked at the poncho before but I didn’t know what to look for in a good one.

(chuck connors brother) #2832

I said to myself I wouldn’t buy all of these, now i’ve ended up buying them all

46 PM11 PM

(The Man With a Name) #2833

I have two so far but I’ll end up buying them all, as well. I hope they re-release 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre and Vengeance is Mine with the English dubs

(Stanton) #2834

Koch has cancelled this new series of Spags, but will release more in the next months. No titles yet.

I bought so far none of them.

(Søren) #2835

Cancelled? This starting up of new spaghetti western lines and then putting them in the grave again from them is getting kind of ridiculous.

That said I applaud their decision if it means that we will get back to having some spaghetti westerns with decent covers again. Ironically their best covers for spaghetti westerns are the ones for the very first, before the current line, before the Westerns Unchained stuff, before the Rainbow collection, before the digipack/slipcover thingies but right back to releases like Django - ich will ihn tot.

(Stanton) #2836

I assume they don’t sell enough with that line, so what should they do? Of course, the releases were mainly mediocre films, so no wonder if the sales are insufficient.

(Søren) #2837

Yep that makes perfect sense. But ‘mediocre’ spaghetti western movies are exactly the movies we want to see released isn’t it? I mean that makes me more excited than the xteenth release of GBU or The Mercenary to be honest.

I have only bought three in the line but the rest are on my wish list.

(Bill san Antonio) #2838

Most of these recent were already released. Variable quality though but personally I don’t always need the best quality release, I try to get the best available at the moment but I’m not that interested to upgrade all the time.

Also, I’m not quite sure what’s the point in dvd/blu combo releases.

(The Man With a Name) #2839

I have a Blu-ray player downstairs and a DVD for the bedroom, so that it works for me even if it’s pointless


Blu-ray/DVD combos were my saving grace years ago before I had a blu-ray player. Nowadays I just find them annoying and bulky. Especially since it must add to the price?