I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


Looking forward to finally seeing this film with Italian audio!

(Nick) #2802

I’ve been looking at purchasing the Wild East DVD as I don’t own a multi-region player. What issues will I expect to run into when I purchase the DVD?


Wild East themselves dubbed two scenes to create a complete English version, similar to the extended GBU cut. Whoever dubbed Horst Frank made a complete mockery of it.

(Nick) #2804

Are you serious…? It’s a contemporary dubbing? Honestly that’s a bit strange.

So I take it that it’s not a good job then? Did they attempt to make it sound old like in the GBU or did they just leave the jarring jump in sound quality? Also do we just get one audio track or do we have any others?


A very jarring jump in sound quality, and It’s as if they didn’t even try and voice match the original dub. Just the English audio track is included.

UPDATE: Turns out I’m not getting the Koch version as the seller on Amazon.de doesn’t ship to the UK, so I’m fucked.


How long has this dub your own audio policy been in action at Wild East ?

I have only encountered it once in their release of ‘The Ugly Ones’, in a scene between Tito Garcia and Manuel Zarzo, and I was shocked that anyone could think this a good idea! - Will Americans do anything to avoid, god forbid, reading a subtitle !? Very amateurish :thumbsdown:

(Søren) #2807

If you are looking at the same copies on amazon.de as I am there are only copies in ‘used’ condition which I as a collector would be very wary of buying seeing as this Koch Media-release comes in a cardboard box of sorts.That is bound to have several tears etc. when bought as used which can mean shred to pieces for some sellers :slight_smile:

A bit more expensive but stated as in shrink:

(kevenz) #2808

^^ that’s like 50 bucks with shipping and conversion… holy shit that’s expensive for a dvd :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2809

Yep. That’s OOP-titles for you sadly :slight_smile:

At least its only a fraction of what the A Fistful of Trailers dvd sold for recently.

(Nick) #2810

American here. I will take subtitles and the country of origin dub any damn day of the week lol. English dubs are 9 times out of 10 to be below par.

However I remember that the release by Wild East for Long Live Your Death had the missing scenes in Italian with English Subtitles. So I’m guessing it’s not a matter of wanting to make a complete English Language release, but a matter of sometimes being unable to pay for or get the liscence to use another dub. If you remember Koch couldn’t get the rights to the English language dub of Death Sentence.


Apologies if I offended with my comment … generalising about a country’s taste isn’t good. Just basing my idea on the fact that so many hit European movies get remade (usually inferior) by the USA, rather than pushing distribution of the original film with subs. But that’s the commercial side of things, rather than artistic.

Back to ‘The Price of a Man’ aka ‘The Ugly Ones’ … I doubt audio rights come into it, as the picture quality on this release looked like an xvid rip with heavy blocking/pixelization … the print has the same credits as the Spanish version with the original title in both English and Spanish. I can’t seriously think that W.E paid anything for this release. It was really disappointing, as it’s a top SW, and deserves to be restored and resurrected, a lot more deserving than some of the real stinkers that get pin sharp Blu Ray releases.

If it was a case of audio rights being too expensive, how did they manage to secure an interview with the film’s director Eugenio Martin, and not a ten second sequence of original audio. Doesn’t make sense. To me this release looks like a rip of the old German DVD, with possibly a little sharpening on the image.

I’d personally prefer muted audio with a subtitle than a jarring drop in of non original sound.

(Nick) #2812

Your comment didn’t offend me at all, so no worries :grin:. I think Americans are worried that non-english friendly releases can lead to reduced sales, or people jusy passing it by. That’s why American companies are so intent to include a full english language option onto the release.

Also I think Wild East doesn’t pay the directors or actors any money for the interviews, also if Wild East does go to visit them then it’s most likely a large part of their budget for the dvd. I’m also not sure that price is always a factor for the dubbing, like I said with Death Sentence, it may not be a factor of money but legal nonsense. These are foriegn films that have multinational rights, and the difficulty of negotiating for what you want is a lot like trying to run in a dream lol, you just can’t do it most of the time.

Regardless I’m just happy they release the films. It may not be a perfect release, but in a genre like this it’s difficult to get anything sometimes.

(chuck connors brother) #2813

It still looks and sounds better than any other release of the film so far (I got the German and Japanese disc, Japanese disc has out of sync audio by 1 second, and you can barely hear it at times on the German disc… much better sound on the Wild East in both cases)


Yeah the Wild East print of The Bounty Killer is far from perfect, but way better than that German ‘Marketing’ DVD. I’ve yet to find a SW DVD with worse audio than that one.


Thanks all for the replies and feedback - Seems its another case of just waiting until something better shows up. :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #2816

These arrived today, just missing the spagvemberfest.

(Søren) #2817

Just got 101 Films blu-ray release of Zorro:


Found an eBay.de seller who shipped worldwide, so I now have Koch Johnny Hamlet. SO much better than Wild East :slight_smile:

(Novecento) #2819

Wow - that is really weird!

Me too!

Yes - very much agreed. In my ideal world it would also have Spanish, Italian and English audio.

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