I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2781

An addition to the spaghetti western collection turned up today:


(The Man With a Name) #2782

Did they get rid of the blue tint?

(Nick) #2783

Thought I might throw some goodies I’ve been stealing over the past few months on here.

On top of that I purchased the Studiocanal release of Django The Bastard as well as the german poster of the film, I also snagged the Grindhouse release of The Big Gundown and Millcreeks Keoma / Grand Duel Blu ray.

In the near future I’ll try to post high quality scans of all the Spaghetti posters I own.

(Søren) #2784

I will let you know when I take it for a spin. I would like to say that movies are being watched the same week or month I purchase them but that is sadly seldom the case :slight_smile:

Never owned the Code Red dvd but had the X-Rated double dvd release at one point which is when I watched it last, some 10 years ago probably.

(Søren) #2785

Nice bundle of soundtracks aswell !

(Jacobs André) #2786

Is this a region 1 or region 2 release ???

(Søren) #2787

It’s region free.


@VanEyck Is the Stranger poster as disappointing as the film itself for you?


(Nick) #2790

Nope, I actually love the promotional material for the film. The posters and trailers were really well made and energetic.



(Søren) #2792

The SW collection got a couple of additions today:

Den Geiern zum Frass
Die Verfluchten der Pampas

And no, I do not have either a 4K TV or a UHD player but I didn’t get a Region A blu-ray player until this year either and that didn’t stop me buying American discs :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #2793

Wild East Black Jack / Belle Starr Story arrived today. First time i bought anything from Diabolik DVD and it seems to be reliable place.


I can’t wait to hear Cox’s commentary tracks and count how many times he rattles off an opinion.

(Phil H) #2795

How’s the quality of these prints Bill?

I’m thinking of getting that one too.

(Bill san Antonio) #2796

I only glanced them through but both looked really good to me. Black Jack is in 4:3 but I think it’s supposed to be. Looks like an open matte. Mimmo Palmara interview is only a minute or so, and Robert Wood’s maybe 3 minutes. George Eastman interview is longer, some 15 mins.

(Phil H) #2797

Cheers mate


Signed by Frayling.


Got sick of the Wild East DVD and the distractingly bad restored English scenes.

(Søren) #2800

Nothing beats Koch Media :smile: