I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(The Man With a Name) #2761

Yeah, I got a good deal :slight_smile: I got For a Few Previews More for free a while ago, so I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for that disc. When I started collecting Wild East DVDs, it seemed impossible to catch up. Completing these feels like an achievement.

(Søren) #2762

If there is a badge missing from the forum it is certainly that one :slight_smile: Sebastian should make some custom badges just for these occasions :slight_smile:

I sold all of my Wild East-releases some 5 years ago, then regretted and started collecting them again 2 years ago and now I only need Fistful of Trailers and 3 of the new releases. Got several good deals along the way.

For a Few Previews More was printed in a large run of 1500 copies I think and is still ‘in print’. It will probably never go OOP :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2763

Yeah, I won’t be selling mine.

(Waz) #2764

Hi all, Got my first Koch boxset delivered from Strangevice.co.uk yesterday - For A Handful of Italo-Western Box #1.
Very impressed with the disks themselves with a lovely glossy feel / picture.
Also got my Italowestern - Enzyklopädie 3 [4 DVDs] boxset from Amazon.de - thanks to SWDB facebook page for the headsup - for £20.17 delivered (to UK)
Need to watch a few films this weekend!!

(Jonny Powers) #2765

Hey, another WE collector! My Ramon the Mexican/California came in about a week ago, haven’t had a chance to check it out cause of finals. excellent price for FoT though! I got mine for a bit more. Have all the WE releases except for Man from Nowhere and Requiescant cause I’ve already got the re-release double features, and A Long Ride From Hell cause I have the Code Red release.

(The Man With a Name) #2766

I already have the German hardbox of Long Ride From Hell, which is much better quality. Got the Wild East disc just to complete the label.


@UglyOne427 would be proud.


You bet! I cant hit that like button enough times. Wait until you see what remarkable picture and audio quality the wild east version has to offer.

(Waz) #2769

I ordered the Western Unchained Collection 8 DVDs (Quentin Tarantino inspired) boxset yesterday from Amazon.de for c£28 delivered to the UK. Can anyone let me know if the “A Pistol for Ringo”/ “Return of Ringo” disks in the same series are worth getting?


Yes they are, but sadly the extras aren’t English friendly.

(Phil H) #2771

Also, although they have English audio (which is great) they don’t have English subs for the Italian audio (which is not so great).

(Waz) #2772

Thanks Dean / Phil_H, watched Yankee earlier this afternoon on Koch media DVD and chose Italian audio and English sub’s.

(Bill san Antonio) #2773

This double feature arrived.

Now, does this mean I have to watch Boot Hill again? Probably.

(Søren) #2774

My Westernhelden collection started today:

(Søren) #2775

Another birthday come and gone and it spawned a bunch of movies but only one spaghetti western:


Still haven’t seen this film, but i’m glad it’s more obtainable now.

(djvaso) #2777

Kupujemprodajem.com (RSD 900)

(Søren) #2778

Yep, me too. Got my copy today. Koch Media is still the king of spaghetti western releases.

(Søren) #2779

Somewhat behind on the Wild East releases, so today The Last Tomahawk / The Man Called Gringo turned up:


Speedy shipping from Wild East yet again!