I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2741

Very nice and some nice soundtracks included with those aswell.


I’m mostly familiar with the Mifune/Akira combo, but that seems really interesting. Criterion do no wrong!

(Toscano) #2743

Well, Dean, buy 'The Samurai Trilogy… you won’t be disappointed…!

(The Man With a Name) #2744

I still need the Halleluja set.

(Søren) #2745

Got the The Boot Hill / Django the Bastard double feature released by RetroVision today:

(Toscano) #2746

On the way, from ‘Amazon.Germany’…

I’m looking forward to this. ‘Sugar Colt’ is one of my favourites; and - I think - probably the only Hunt Powers film that I actually like…

(Søren) #2747

A couple of upgrades from dvd to blu-ray. Never got around to watching the dvds :slight_smile:

Mörder des Klans
Die Zeit der Geier

(Sebastian) #2748

Just finished my review of it https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Rocco_-_Der_Mann_mit_den_Zwei_Gesichtern_BluRay_Kritik (German). Excellent quality.

(Søren) #2749

Among roughly a billion releases I got today this one turned up:

Didn’t even know Take a Hard Ride was out on blu-ray before I ‘found’ this by accident.

(Asa) #2750

Pre-ordered (due 25/09/2017):

(Søren) #2751

They ripped off the Danish poster for that one. Perhaps for rights reasons. Whoever has the Danish poster rights are probably beyond caring :slight_smile:


I wonder if any future releases of Milian films will include featurettes/tributes to Tomas like what Wild East did for Gemma.

(Søren) #2753

And as I know you’re opposed to companies numbering their releases, buying this one will really make your blood boil :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2754

That’s if it actually arrives, of course. It doesn’t look as though they’re coming through with their release of The Mercenary. They were supposed to be putting out Navajo Joe yesterday too and that doesn’t seem to be happening either by the looks of things.

(Asa) #2755

Just ordered:


The 42 minute featurette on there is really good.

(The Man With a Name) #2757

Sorry about the glare. Just need Ramon the Mexican/California now. :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2758

Oh, A Fistful of Trailers. Nice. I only need that one and a couple of the latest Wild East-releases also. Will probably never find a Fistful of Trailers cheap enough though so the collection is bound to stay incomplete :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2759

It came to just over £27. Not cheap by any means but cheap compared to what I’ve seen it sell for, so it was worth it to complete the collection.

(Søren) #2760

Definitely cheap. Would have bought it myself at that price.