I just bought.... (the CD/LP shopping diary!)

(Søren) #161

Just got the recently-released Wanted Johnny Texas-soundtrack by Marcello Gigante:

(ENNIOO) #162

Digitmovies recent release of a couple of scores by the De Angelis brothers:

(Dillinger) #163

[quote=“axl_foley_01, post:158, topic:745”]Just arrived today from Amazon.de:


A really nice box set including the following CDs:

31 tracks from Django, Quien sabe, La piu grande rapina de West, L’oro dei Bravados, Si puo fare amigo and Sugar Colt.

The complete soundtrack of Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (11 tracks) and La resa dei conti (13 tracks).

30 tracks from Vamos a matar companeros, Una ragione per vivere e una per morire, Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte, Tepepa, I lunghi giorni della vendetta, 7 Winchester per un massacro, I crudeli, Texas Addio and Che c’entriamo noi con la rivoluzione?

That’s what I call a nice price ;)[/quote]

axl you’ve convinced me. Just ordered it as well. Damn bastard! :wink:

Are you in the sales business?

(Søren) #164

The latest SW GDM batch just arrived:

Da uomo a uomo (Expanded Edition)
Un treno per Durango
Dio non paga il sabato

(Søren) #165

Have gotten these three new releases in the last couple of days:

(Søren) #166

Just a warning. A user by the name of 09this has listed a lot of Italian soundtrack cds recently on ebay.com. Beware, they are most probably all burned cds with printed covers. Found out the hard way :frowning: Got my money refunded but don’t you fall in the same trap. Over and out :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #167

Thanks for the tip Søren :wink: .

(Søren) #168

Not a tip a damn warning :slight_smile:

Normally I wouldn’t have a problem spotting these bootleggers but this dude is selling them as genuine and has almost flawless feedback so got fooled. Well just heard from another buyer which had also left positive feedback for 5 cds that after I had informed of the possibility of them being burns he checked again and sure enough, CDR hell. If anyone have any definite tip to getting such an ebayer closed down do let me know. Have reported the item I bought to ebay which will most surely amount to nothing. Perhaps I should give Digitmovies and Beat Records a message as those companies are some of them he has been ripping off.

(django live) #169

just got the soundtracks to the following films

100,000 FOR RINGO


(Søren) #170

Then there must be something seriously wrong with you. One of my favourites (of which there are many I admit).

(Pacificador) #171

I am eagerly awaiting my lastest eBay purchase of The Police - Message in a Box set to arrive. Got it for a very good deal!

(django live) #172

just got in the mail:

hate thy neighbor soundtrack
spara gringo spara soundtrack
uno ol pui all inferno soundtrack

(Søren) #173

Just got a couple of cd-releases:

The Hills Run Red (Morricone) - Quartet Records
A Town Called Hell / Savage Pampas (de los Rios) - Singular Soundtrack

(Søren) #174

… and today the score for

Vendo cara la pelle (Ciacci/Marrocchi) - GDM

turned up.

(Tom B.) #175

(TurboJoe) #176

thats’ a great CD

(Major Clyde) #177

Just today–

CAM’s Anda Muchacho, Spara/ Django Spara Per Primo (Bruno Nicolai)
Saimel’s Una Nuvola di Polvere… Arriva Sartana (Nicolai)
GDM’s All’Ombra Di Una Colt (Nico Fidenco)

Other recent ones:
GDM’s La Belva / Finders Killers (Stelvio Cipriani)
GDM’s A Bullet for Sandoval (Gianni Ferrio)
GDM’s Lo Voglio Morto (Fidenco)
Dio Non Paga il Sabato (Lavagnino)
GDM’s Un Treno per Durango (Rusticheli)

(ENNIOO) #178

Some great titles there…some I do not have myself :wink: .

(Dillinger) #179

Ahhhh! :smiley:

(chuck connors brother) #180

Ahh, it was in your top 20 at one point.