I just bought.... (the CD/LP shopping diary!)

(Nick) #303

I actually asked Claudio Fuiano about it a while ago and he said he didn’t have any plans to release it. Might have to wait awhile!

(kevenz) #304

maybe but if these weren’t originally stereo… I think it’s worthless.

I prefer the mono vinyl Beatles over the stereo vinyl :slight_smile: the stereo ones just sounds weird.

(Nick) #305

The Beatles put a lot of effort into the mono versions of their music as well, as they considered them to be the “definitive” recordings. It was because stereo was more of a gimmick at the time and I’m sure the Beatles only made them to satisfy the record label they were with.

(kevenz) #306

I’m going to buy a new turntable but I have no idea which one to buy…. I wanted one at around $500 or something…… I can’t justify spending $1000 an over… it’s a little too insane.

At first I was looking at audio technica lp120 which has good reviews and bad reviews… most people say the anti-skate system isn’t working at all and the result is lots of distortion and noise.

I just found out about Fluance FT81 which seems decent enough…. people also mention the Rega serie.

So many models… I’m getting confused :slight_smile:

(Nick) #307

I don’t know where you read about the Audio Technica, but when I used it was a pretty solid system. Maybe not up to “audiophile” standards, but hell for general consumers like you and me you don’t need a 10k setup.

Definitely get the LP120 though, and not the LP60. It’ll hurt your records.

(Andy) #308

I have the LP60USB for years and it never hurt my records, in fact it is much better on them than the piece of trash with a ceramic stylus that I had before that skipped all the time, but VanEyck you are absolutely right. The LP120 is the one to have if you’re not poor like me lol.

(kevenz) #309

LP60 and LP120 are apparently for DJs…. the more audiophile version is the LP5.

I’m not an expert… this is just the response from Audio Technica.


Time to piss everyone off :slightly_smiling_face:



Not me … best part of the movie. I used to listen to this soundtrack and Mannaja when I was painting … I find it very relaxing, and funny.

(Bill san Antonio) #312

Cool Cover :sunglasses:

(Søren) #313

I think you’ll find more lovers than haters of that soundtrack in here. I have the same release on the way.


Damn right! … it’s un-American (or whichever country you hail from ) not to like the KEOMA soundtrack !!! :rofl:


Oh dear I must be tone deaf…

(Søren) #316

Just got a bunch of additional cds to the collection:

Duello nel Texas
Joko invoca Dio … e muori
Keoma / Il cacciatore di Squali
Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino

(Andy) #317

Did you know Alex Cox is tone deaf? Perhaps that’s why he has such a “unique” perspective on the films.


He probably thinks the singing in Keoma is amazing.


We were all wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


Google Translate ? I do enjoy wonky English :grinning:

“Thanks to the listening experience of the music, the viewer gets so involved in the story that he forget being are even in the theatre.”


Someone needs to put that on a t-shirt :smile:

English translation by Josh Mitchell according to the next page…


Perhaps ‘Josh’ just does these translations for extra pocket money, after he’s finished all his homework and chores of course. :crazy_face:

PS: If he’s related to Duke Mitchell, I take that back and apologise profusely :wink: