I just bought.... (the CD/LP shopping diary!)

(Søren) #282

Nice. Interesting how vinyl has gotten such a comeback. My son swears to them but I stick to cds :slight_smile: The world is strange.

Just found out that I forgot to get the cd soundtrack for Minnesota Clay from GDM for some damn reason. Must have been during my off spaghetti westerns season and now it’s sold out and impossible to get. If somebody has an extra I am right here.

(Phil H) #283

I like having vinyl. They are nice objects to own and handle. Not much use for listening in the car though obviously.


Vinyl is nice to frame aswell!

(Nick) #286

Speaking of vinyl I picked up these beauties today. I’ve got a couple more of these rare Japanese Vinyl in storage right now. I’ll post them in about a month or so.

(kevenz) #287

I just remembered that I have some 70s spaghetti western vinyl in the garage… 2 or 3 maybe… I don’t how stratched they can be.

(Nick) #288

Sounds neat, what are they? Compilations or actual albums?

(kevenz) #289

Mostly compilation of Morricone soundtrack… my father gave me those… I guess they’re pretty common ? :slight_smile:

(kevenz) #290

I just checked my stuff and I own 3 Lp of spaghetti western music … these are french version sold in canada back in the 60s and 70s

They’re in pretty good shapes… but they smell cigarette since my father was a heavy smoker…

As a bonus I also have this original 1972 Lucky Luke comic with someone you will recognise on the cover :slight_smile:

I only have an old broken 1980 Hitachi turntable so I can’t listen to them…. I need to buy a new turntable someday.

(Nick) #291

On The “Les Meilleures Musiques De Films e Ennio Morricone” LP compilation, are the tracks for Death Rides a Horse in stereo or mono? I’ve been curious about the LP releases since the original CD releases were all in Mono besides six tracks.

(kevenz) #292

Judging from the back picture… those tracks are stereo.

I don’t know much it changes the sound.

(Jacobs André) #293

Hi Amigos,

FINALLY I GOT 'EM; the original “Navajo Joe” on single , I had to pay 110€ but this was worth it. Now I can complete my jukebox with this missing piece.

(Jacobs André) #294

the last two months , I bought some us western singles and some european western singles.


And I completed my collection with some full cd’s of great westerns :slight_smile:

But this one is an LP.

I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


(Nick) #296

NICE. That’s seriously one of the best Hillside releases that Lionel Woodman made. The booklet art and everything else is really nice.


Quite a bit in my opinion, it lets the listener experience a fuller spectrum of what the composer created. As opposed to mono where all of the different instruments and frequencies are staked on top of each other.


Finally, a reasonably priced copy emerged…


(Søren) #298

Why not go after the expanded scores instead ? Digitmovies released an expanded Adios Gringo score ‘recently’ and I believe there is a Japanese score for Una dollaro tra i denti.

Got the Cam-score also though :slight_smile: Bought it cheap many many moons ago directly from Cam.


Yes, that’s still on my list.

@VanEyck was telling me the Cam release even threw hi-end reverb onto the tracks for some reason?

(Søren) #300

I honestly don’t remember that. Sounds insane though. The Japanese score is also on my wishlist. I am still hoping for an Italian release of it. Am not going to hunt ‘old’ scores. An expanded one is bound to appear the day after I purchase it :slight_smile:

(Nick) #301

The King Records edition of Un Dollaro Tra I Denti is fucking expensive. Really fucking expensive. And there isn’t much reason of owning it as it’s just extended variations of the themes already present on the CAM edition.

Yeah, It was their idea of “restoration”, which wasn’t terrible persay, you just aren’t getting the “true” original recording. To be honest though when you’re dealing with mono tracks recorded sixty years ago you have to do something to make it listenable.

(Søren) #302

Yep. That’s why I am waiting for the Italian expanded score myself. One is bound to appear at one point. Hunting OOP scores is way too expensive.