I just bought.... (the CD/LP shopping diary!)

(Søren) #221

Seems lile I’m the only one buying soundtracks at the moment :slight_smile:

Got another release I missed:

I figli di Zanna Bianca from GDM

(scherpschutter) #222

[quote=“Søren, post:221, topic:745”]Seems lile I’m the only one buying soundtracks at the moment :slight_smile:

Got another release I missed:

I figli di Zanna Bianca from GDM[/quote]

Haven’t bought one in a while, but I guess ENNIOO hasn’t given up hope yet to become the biggest soundtrack collector in the whole wide world

(Søren) #223

Haha. A very difficult feat. I only do in Italian movie soundtracks on cd. A troublesome enough road.

(Farmer_J) #224

I do collect the odd Italian Western soundtrack, plus some 70s funk, like Billy Goldenberg, and Elmer Bernstein. But this month is rough, money wise for me, so I have to be frugal with my purchases.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #225

[quote=“Farmer_J, post:224, topic:745”]Billy Goldenberg[/quote]I love his score for Busting.

(Farmer_J) #226

The moment I heard the soundtrack was released, I bought a copy ;D. Glad I did then than now, when the CD costs nearly an arm and a leg on some sites.
If you like it, I can suggest “Report to The Commissioner” by Elmer Bernstein, that has some great funk titles, and some great chase music. Got if off Ebay in France for a tenner.

(Søren) #227

Quartet Records are having a 30% off sale + free postage when ordering 6 cds (don’t know if they mean titles) or more.

Spaghetti Western fans will be interested in:

Sabata Trilogy (3-cd)

Il grande duello / Man Called Noon

(Søren) #228

Hope someone in here picked up the Sabata Trilogy in time as it has now gone OOP.

Well, Kronos Records is also having a clearance sale so I picked up a bunch there and also this one (not part of sale though):

Django Strikes Again (Gianfranco Plenizio)

(Søren) #229

Il ranch degli spietati released by Beat Records turned up today.

(Søren) #230

And another one: Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe released by Beat Records turned up today.

(Søren) #231

Took advantage of Beat Records free shipping ‘sale’ in December and bought (among others) these two:

California / Reverendo Colt & Uccidete Johnny Ringo

(Søren) #232

Filling a hole in my spaghetti western soundtrack collection. Today arrived El Rojo by Benedetto Ghiglia released by GDM some years ago:

(Søren) #233

A couple of much-needed (aren’t they all) additions to the collection arrived today:

Both released by Digitmovies

(Toscano) #234

Just bought:

(Søren) #235

A couple of holes in the collection eliminated yesterday:

(Søren) #236

This turned up this weekend:

Les petroleuses / Dans la poussiere du soleil

(Toscano) #237

Just bought what I regard as one of Francesco De Masi’s finest scores:

(titoli) #238

I recently bought these two beauties:

Veruschka is new 2LP reissue from Dagored. Excellent sound, beautiful cover (no insert or very much info, though) and one of Morricone’s best scores imo (although there is a lot of repeating themes on those two LPs, which I found is the case with most of extra-minutes soundtracks). Lots of Edda Dell’Orso too!

Bistro Erotica Italia is 2LP compilation released in 1997 in UK on Arista. Not much LPs were released in those dark ages, but this one is absolutely fantastic in terms of sound and music choosen. Each of the four sides has its own feel. The title is a bit misleading: although there is music from Emmanuelle rip-offs, music on this compilation is taken from movies of various genres. There is even a track from Matalo! More info, especially on the movies from which the music was taken, would be helpful here too.

If I find the time I’ll write more detailed review of this nice comp.

(Søren) #239

Just received the expanded Joe l’implacabile score released by Pentamusic:

(Søren) #240

A couple of holes in the spaghetti western soundtrack collection killed today:

Sentenza di morte
Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo
…e cose divennero i 3 supermen del west

The sad thing is that the print runs of these soundtracks keep going down. In the ‘old’ days when I started collecting these SW soundtracks were done in runs of something like a 1000-1500 copies. That was obviously way too many as many are still available today over 10 years later. So at one point some years ago this print run decreased to 500 which apparently still wasn’t strict enough as 300 seems be a new ‘norm’ and that is the print run of the new complete soundtrack to Sentenza di morte. It means that one has to be more vigilant when these things are announced which is a big pain :slight_smile: