I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)


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Christmas goodies!

New DVD:

(I’m still a year behind on my Red Dwarf)

New Blu-rays:

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Just ordered:

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New blu-rays:

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Just ordered:

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Ebay.com ( weagein2)

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New blu-ray:


Howard Hughes did a cool write-up on Edda Dell’Orso in the booklet.

(Søren) #2711

Got a bunch of Italian goodies on blu-ray lately:

Cut and Run
Web of the Spider
Labyrinth des Todes
The Cat O’ Nine Tails
The Witches
Die Rache des Paten

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(Søren) #2713

Got the same Book of Eibon-edition of the Fulci-book Beyond Terror. Very nice looking heavy book. Mine arrived just before Christmas though.

(djvaso) #2714

I was almost unlucky with the book because the packet had been traveling 40 days.

(Søren) #2715

Wow. That’s some serious time for a book travelling from one part of Europe to another. That said I once bought a book in Germany that decided to spend 2 weeks in a postal distribution center in Hamburg before it elected to move on. That was at least traceable though. The ways of the postal service are impossible to comprehend.

(djvaso) #2716

This issue is addressed to DHL. After Indiegogo update #30 on January 12 “Do you all have your Special Editions now?”, I contacted Harvey and he had discussing this problem with the courier till January 26 when I received SMS from DHL that I have a packet. Fortunately, I had to pay only 5 euros for pick-up.


DHL decided to cling on to a DVD I ordered from the US for over two weeks recently. Jokers.

(Søren) #2718

It was incidently also DHL that had my package floating around in Hamburg :slight_smile:

Not that I think they are worse than any of the other shippers. Sometimes incomprehensible delays just occur.

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(djvaso) #2720

Could anyone from Holland explain why there is no “Add to basket” button at ebay.nl?

I want to buy two items not just one.

(Wilco Vedder) #2721

I have no experience with Ebay but I would sent the shop owner an email with your question.

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Comes out mid-May.