I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Phil H) #2683

Had a little splurge at FOPP.

(Asa) #2684

New blu-rays:

Upgrades from DVD to blu-ray:

And with my Arrow LE blu-ray of The Thing arriving today too, it’s been a John Carpenter kind of day.

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New blu-ray:

(Asa) #2686

New blu-rays:

I had already pre-ordered Sorcerer from Amazon but they let me down and couldn’t tell me exactly when they’d be getting it in so I cancelled and bought it in HMV instead. Amazon (UK) are becoming really shaky and unreliable on their dates. Film was a fiver cheaper in HMV, too.


I’ve literally just been to a screening of Sorcerer tonight. First time seeing it and I’m very impressed.

(djvaso) #2688

Amazon.co.uk (GBP 20.24)

(Søren) #2689

Ah you were one of the lucky ones that actually got a copy from amazon. I did too but many fellow Danes got a mail saying that their copy had been damaged in transit and returned. They were welcome to reorder which was fine if it hadn’t been OOP months before release. Apparently amazon has a tendency to oversell their allocated stock when preordering much as airlines overbook their flights :frowning:

(Asa) #2690

I didn’t know this, but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I received my own LE blu-ray of The Thing from Amazon with no problem but only this week they stiffed me on my Sorcerer preorder; luckily that wasn’t a limited edition item and I was able to get down to the nearest HMV to pick up a copy (for £5 less than Amazon were asking) but they’ve become properly unreliable now. Is it because I’m not an Amazon Prime member, I wonder? I had to have a real set-to with them prior to them delivering my Lone Wolf and Cub set (two days late and in complete contradiction with any tracking information I had) as well. The thing is, treating me like a second-class f*cking citizen isn’t exactly filling me with any incentive to sign up with them. It’s just the retail version of a protection racket, and all it’s doing is pushing me increasingly back to a high-street retailer who also has an online store too.

It’s a bastard though because Amazon’s range is still second to none. Amazon Marketplace stuff still seems pretty good tbh, it’s just stuff straight from Amazon that appear to have become a bit of a roll of the dice.

(Søren) #2691

Amazon has started using alternative methods of delivery it seems. You used to be able to set your clock to the time it took from a package being shipped until it arrived. Usually not more than 3-4 days (to Denmark). Now it can take up to several weeks. Big shipments (several releases/box sets in same package) still seems to be sent the old-fashioned way but single releases seem to be sent by mules through the desert.

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New blu-ray:

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New DVD:

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Ha, ha great title. Always remember the character Macho Man from the Paul Hogan show of the 80’s…funny stuff.

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New blu-ray:

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New DVD:

Upgrades from DVD to blu-ray:

New blu-rays:

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Just ordered:

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Just pre-ordered (due 12/Feb/18):

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Just ordered:

Was just talking to someone about this wonderful “bad” movie when it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen it since I lost my VHS copy over a decade ago. That DVD cover is f*cking horrible and I’m sure the movie was called “Rat Pfink” not “Rat Phink” but, still.

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I bought that Symptoms Blu as well. haven’t watched it yet but remember the film fondly from when I saw it a few years back.

(Asa) #2702


Not due out until the end of April, though.