I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2723

A couple of Italians from Severins Black Friday sale finally turned up:

Burial Ground
Doctor Butcher M.D.


Burial Ground is hilarious. Good blu-ray too, way better than 88’s.

(Søren) #2725

Yep already had the one from 88 Films of course but had to double dip.


And that release of Zombie Holocaust/Doctor Butcher looks great too. I have 88’s blu-ray but am now tempted to double dip…

(Søren) #2727

The Severin release apparently doesn’t have any subs for the Italian dub which is kind of a letdown though. At least it came with a free barf bag :slight_smile: I bought both Severin releases during their Black Friday sale along with a bunch of others and they didn’t cost very much.


@AvatarDK And speaking of Severin :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2729

Nice. Eaten Alive is on my wish list. The same is the Criterion release of Night of the Living Dead actually. You seem to have an immaculate taste :slight_smile:


Obsessing over the various home media releases of cult horror will always be my bread & butter :grinning:

(Asa) #2731

New blu-ray:

(Søren) #2732

A couple of new Italian-flavoured releases have been added to the collection:

Death Occurred Last Night
She (DVD)
Sotto il vestito niente 1+2

(Asa) #2733

New DVD:

New Blu-rays:

(Søren) #2734

Two new Italian goodies turned up today:

Revenge of the Blood Beast

(Asa) #2735

New blu-rays:


88’s version is actually better than Blue Undergrounds?
This must be a first.

(Asa) #2737

New DVD:

New blu-ray:

(Asa) #2738

New DVD set:

Not one; not two; not three; not four; but FIVE of the crappest shark films ever committed to film, all in glorious standard definition DVD and coming in for the princely sum of three - THREE! - splendid shining pounds sterling, in Asda. Marvellous.

(Nick) #2739

To think that in forty years or so there might be an internet database dedicated to talking and reviewing shark movies.

(Asa) #2740

New DVD:

New blu-rays:

(Mad Max) #2741

Just bought:

  • 10 Rillington Place (1971 - Powerhouse Films)
  • The Thing (1982 - Arrow)
  • Christine (1983 - Powerhouse Films)

Thinking on:

  • Day of The Jackal (1973 - Arrow)
  • Assault on Precinct 13 (1976 - Second Sight).

(Asa) #2742

New blu-ray: