His Name Was King / Lo chiamavano King (Giancarlo Romitelli, 1971)


As I remember, the Spanish sequences are lifted from another film, possibly ‘Vengeance’, also with Richard Harrison.


Aha thanks, if that is the case the IMDb site could make a note of it to clarify. Those scenes I think lasted several minutes.


It’s a while since I watched the movie, but the title sequence uses a clip of a rider going through the famous Pechina area, used in ‘Vengeance’ aka *‘Joko invoca dio… e muori’ … Harrison wears the same leather shirt, or similar style in both films.

I don’t know about the other scenes you mentioned in Northern Madrid. It’s was a common practice to borrow footage from other films with Spanish locations, rather than just the bland Italian ‘Sand pits’ seen in so many low budget flicks.

(The Man With a Name) #44

The stock footage is taken from Vengeance and Chapaqua’s Gold. It’s pretty funny the way you can see Harrison’s facial hair change. I still really like this one. Can’t fault it on the entertainment level.