His Name Was King / Lo chiamavano King (Giancarlo Romitelli, 1971)

Saw this movie in an auktion on a Swedish VHS tape, and since I collect Swedish VHS tapes I thougt of buying it. What do you guys think of it?

Routine at best for me as story never grabs my attension. Both stars have both done much better. Great theme song though.

I agree about the theme song, very good and it’s also used in Red Dead Revolver as a main theme. Film itself isn’t that good but Kinski fans might be interested to see it.

If you’re a collector of swedish VHS than I say go for it silence if you can get a good deal. Its not a great film though. But great soundtrack though and at least kinski is in it.

Very poor effort with scenes recycled from at least two other movies. It has Kisnki & Bacalov’s score so it’s not rock bottom but very close. Chapaqua’s Gold is better.

I still would like to know who directed this film.

I gave it a 2 simply for the reason that Kinski is in it.I got my VHS at a local thrift store for 50 cents.I watched it once and than chucked in the waste basket.Possibly the most boring spaghetti I have ever watched.Yes,maybe even worse than Johnny West.

I like Harrison, and of course Kinski, so not a complete loss for me but it certainly isn’t the best work of anyone involved. And, as said by others, great theme song. Not well constructed however and, despite its very short duration, seems to have an inordinate amount of padding.
If the option was there I would give two and a half out of five.

Yeah I remember a good portion of the film consists of Harrison riding his horse around Almeria to the theme song. Isn’t alot of the footage from another film?

Just tend to listen to the theme song these days…saves time watching the film again.

I actually gave this a 3 because I like the theme song so much. I recently saw this on a pop flix DVD set that just came out last month. It was widescreen and good picture quality. It has some cool parts with Kinski but nothing spectacular. Oh, and the part at the beginning with the gatling gun was cool.

Very boring and one of those plots where everyone knows who the villain is except the hero. Wise up man and kill the SOB.

The print of the film used in the recent box set Dead Or Alive Western Collection is in the correct ratio of 2.35 (or a little more), and is not bad. Thought there was something strange at the start. The instrumental version of the theme song was played. Theme song is present at the start on the French dvd. Best part of the film…well better go dig my CD out with it on :smiley: .

I noticed this too. There originally was a theme with lyrics. You can tell that they inserted the instrumental in the intro because it’s in stereo and sounds a bit louder and more clear than the music in the rest of the film.

Yes, you are right as sounded very sharp like from CD.

I don’t know why they felt the need to use music from Django in some parts, when they have such a great score available… it just makes the film feel so cheap. I think Kinski delivers the best moments with his knife throw and the duel at the end, but overall I thought it was pretty bad.

custom cover:

Nice cover but for me, this film wouldn’t have been worth the work. ;D :wink:

i saw it, it’s good western nothing special about it, but it has good moment’s of action
the plot it’s like a rip-off from two other spaghettis killer kid and no room to die
anyway good spaghetti western the music from bacalov it’s very good as always
good western for a collection fast paced and no boring, the strange thing i noticed
the movie has a run time 74 minutes!!! the smalest spaghetti western!!
if you find it see at least once worth it :slight_smile: the ending it’s litle disapointed
i expect a very long fight but ends very fast
3,5 points from me friends

Came across whit this one too. The length is incredible short so you won’t get a very deep plot, right?! It is indeed quite forgettable, but in the other hand it is a nice action packed western-spaghetti worth watching if you have some patience.

Harrison is quite all right as the “King” and Kinski does a very little appearance (I kind of expect that), even shorter is the role of Vassili Karis as the smiling rapist deputy.

I watch the italian dub which has a lot of bad language, as my father uses to say “é só putas e cabrões”. The slang in Italian is very similar to Portuguese so I could’t avoid to expel some laughs during the sofa session.

“é só putas e cabrões” = " It’s only Bitches/Whores and motherfuc…" ;D