His Name Was King / Lo chiamavano King (Giancarlo Romitelli, 1971)

(davidf) #21

very slight spaghetti western. not boring and certainly not the worst. like Richard Harrison in spaghetti westerns, as others have said it’s easy to work out who the villain is. i saw it on the dead or alive dvd set. is this film cut because it does seem to jump a few times and the short running time of 74 mins, on IMDB it says running time is 90 minutes, or this another mistake from IMDB?

(sartana1968) #22

for me it’s harrison best…

(JonathanCorbett) #23

According to Anica data original running time is 96m 50s

Lo chiamavano King - naz.: Italia - regía: Don Reynolds (Giancarlo Romitelli) - v.c. n. 58231 del 07.05.71 - m. 2650 - ppp: 18/05/71

(sartana1968) #24

it’s 74 minutes and no 90
i count the minutes with my clock… :smiley:

(sartana1968) #25

i don’t know if the version i saw was cut :o ???

(YourPallbearer) #26

A film that begins with an action scene, then a bit with horse riding, then another action scene, then some more riding…rinse and repeat for 74 minutes and you have HIS NAME WAS KING.

Kinski is in it for about 5 minutes and gives a more wooden performance than Harrison.

Frenetic gunplay is on display here as the firefights are edited very nicely (check the scene with Boido) and the aforementioned soundtrack is fantastic. Other than those two highlights the film is a dud.

(chameleon) #27

Awful spag imo, one of the worst.

(sartana1968) #28

i really like it
4 stars from me no doupt… ;D

(Rutledal) #29

I just watched this, thought it was okay, the first half is okay, but it really falls apart towards the end when Harrison goes to Mexico. Still I wonder why is Klaus Kinski the villain? Is it just because he is Klaus Kinski? Did I miss something or is it never really explained?

(John Welles) #30

The last Spaghetti Western I watched was His Name Was King (1971). It is utterly, desperately mediocre, a stolid film that has a few directorial nice touches here and there but is really only for Richard Harrison and Klause Kinski (who can barely hide his boredom and phones in his role) completists. The music, on the other hand, is superb and one of the best scores I have heard for a Spaghetti Western. If only it had been used in a better film…

(Bill san Antonio) #31

At least it was used in Red Dead Revolver video game.

(Halleluja) #32

Just finished this. Took me 3 nights to watch a 74 minute movie!

I’ve had the theme tune in my head for a few weeks now then realised I had a copy of the movie on the Westerns Unchained bluray.

All I can say is that it’s a good job I liked the music.

Nothing says action like a long shot of a man riding his horse across the screen that actually lasts as long as the theme tune lol ;D

If there’s 20 minutes missing that’ll explain why the movie seems a bit disjointed but I can’t see how anything missing would actually add to the flick - does anyone know what’s been snipped?

4/10 and that’s because of the cast and the music.

Coolest bit - the theme song. It’s still groovy 8)

(JonathanCorbett) #33

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:23, topic:1724”]According to Anica data original running time is 96m 50s

Lo chiamavano King - naz.: Italia - regía: Don Reynolds (Giancarlo Romitelli) - v.c. n. 58231 del 07.05.71 - m. 2650 - ppp: 18/05/71[/quote]

Only v.c. number 58231 is right: the certificate date is 14.05.71 (the original rating is T, all ages admitted), declared film length was 2350 and not 2650 and the verified film length is m.2340, equivalent to 85 minutes.

So about 9 minutes are missing from the 73m34s 25fps version.

(The Man With a Name) #34

Not sure why the database lists the running time for the Wild East disc as 86:54 minutes. The exact running time (including the black screen at the end) is 76:54 minutes. Anyway, I watched this for the first time today. It’s not a very good spaghetti but at least it entertained me. The stock footage from Vengeance was amusing. I think it would have been less out of place if they had only used shots from the distance. One moment he only has a moustache and in the next clip (taken from Vengeance), he has a beard, too. :grin: With more character development and better direction, I think this could have been a good one. I’ll certainly watch it again. The advantage of it being short (at least the Wild East version) is that it doesn’t last long enough for me to get bored. It’s straight into the action and like most people here, I love the theme song. By the way, did anybody else notice the weird music at 64:07 minutes on the Wild East DVD? I wonder what happened there!


Watched this last night.

First twenty minutes or so run smooth, our wagon full of smugglers is stopped twice, only to escape both times. The second time a gunfight breaks out, and the rest of the film’s plot seems recycled and predictable. The film suffers from a short running time, where I would like to have seen more of Kinski on screen as the main villian. We don’t see him much until the end. On the other hand, we see the Benson Brothers who have no respect for anyone, even the women they assualt. While they play their roles just fine, the absence of Kinski seems to throw the whole film off target. It seems he’s like a minor character, yet as a minor character, he is also the smuggling leader. Had he been a major character, I would have enjoyed this a lot more. Richard Harrison is the bounty killer named King, and he does his part, but isn’t truly memorable in anyway. Kinski and Harrison fans would like this film, but I woudn’t put it amongst either actors best. I think with a longger running time, more of Kinski on screen, and fixing some of the sloppy action sequences, and you have a classic. For what it is, it is enjoyable.

(The Man With a Name) #36

I’ve watched it three times in the last few months. I like it more each time I watch it. It might not stand out as one of the greats but I think it’s incredibly entertaining.

(The Man With a Name) #37

Just watched this one again. It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to spaghettis. It might be my second favourite Harrison western after Vengeance. It’s a pity the film didn’t have a bigger budget. It had so much potential.


Much potential, especially since Kinski’s character could have been really evil.

(kit saginaw) #39

Liked it, though YouTube took-down the ‘new’, widescreen, the supposedly 90-minute video I was watching (I’d paused it at the 47-minute mark for a couple days). When I went back I had to click the 74-minute, narrow-screen version… which was the only version showing, in order to finish watching it.

Maybe there’s a copyright-infringement involving the 90-minute version.

Anyhow, I gave the film a 5-out-of-10 basically because Marley’s relationship with the US Cavalry wasn’t explained very well. And the Benson Brothers could’ve been a little more gritty and dimensional.