Hate Is My God / L’odio è il mio Dio (Claudio Gora, 1969)

This upload has an Italian audio, not complete though, and I don’t know about the quality.

Thanks for nothing, FilmArt.

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Some weeks ago they have promised to release before this christmas.
I doubt that but let`s keep fingers crossed for a suprise.

I don’t think this blu ray will ever come out… it has been announced in 2014 and we’re almost 2018 so…

The label filmArt unfortunately is not so sensitive in anouncing titles. There are many, many movies on their spreaded to do list and fans are permanently disappointed that they need so long for releasing.
Form my point of view it is not very clever from filmArt.
Nevertheless now they promise to release **Lodio è il mio dio** in first quarter of 2018. Lets wait and see…:neutral_face:

Damn I really want to see this. Although I’ll admit it’s mainly due to the badass title.

So I finally downloaded this film. But does anyone have an English subtitle file?


Not me. Did you get the German or the Italian audio?

Another movie with only terrible prints… I was really looking foward the great looking blu ray but… oh well :frowning:

Dean, if you still need subs, SubtitleDB should have them.


Well, they do. Oddly enough I’ve never heard of the site before, thanks Carlos. I’ve mostly used opensubtitles.

Thanks friend :slight_smile: I can’t believe my numerous Google searches never even brought that up.

Nope, I’m not cool enough to be a member there.

FilmArt are useless.

Guess you’re all familiar with Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. Same thing as in the play with FilmArts release, the fucker doesn’t show up, does he?

So, to pass the time, here’s a waiting-for-the-Film Art-release review:


But hold on a sec, there’s an update on the film’s BR page, stating that the release is due for 2019, and it will be a new scan from an Italian 35mm print, with German and English audio.

And I’m sure this Godot guy will show up sooner or later too. Probably just a flat tire, he run out of gas, someone stole his car, a flood or something.

Fred (to the left) and Frank, Carter henchmen.

I guess Fred is Gilberto Galimberti and Frank is Franco Pasquetto?


It was shown at Festival internazionale del film di Roma 2013, 110 min. They may have had the full Italian audio there?

If so it would be better to check things and make comparisons, because originally in the VM14-rated Italian version a few scenes were shortened by censors (hanging, torture, Villa Field killing, killed child’s discovery in the store, boot licking, banker’s throat).

Yes, that’s right, morgan.

It is trash. Few good ideas here and there alone don’t make a good movie and so does not weirdness. I would challenge the review that there are not plotholes. Who the hell was that guy who helped the revenger and why did he kill his dog? That guy is in every second shot of the movie so it is a huge plothole not to reveal his identity and why he does what he does. Oh yes he was some kind of a killer who had known the other killer which we learn at the end of the movie. It is like the worst writing ever. :confused: If there was at least some twist. He could have been for instance the mad killer who murdered the clerk and the bad guys used this situation and hanged the protagonist’s brother for that. Wouldn’t that be much cooler than to have just a noname vagabond who happen to come to the town at the exact moment as the protagonist? Maybe he wanted just to kill Sweetly (Venantini’s character), knew (as the others) that Vincent was coming to the town to avenge his brother and knew they’d eventually call Sweetly to kill Vincent if things get tough. Something like that and you have much better movie.

According to Diamond in the forum post above mine Hate Is My God is thrash but which Stanton ranked 8/10, and I rank Django Kill also 8/10.

But I watched Matalo last year I thought it just was rather speculatively weird and without too much sense and probably worth a 3, 4 or 5/10, while Django Kill is fully understandable but different from most SW and only slightly weird in its mood.
El Puro I haven’t seen and will wait until a proper release.

I just watched the first half hour on a non-English Youtube copy of Hate Is My God without understanding the language and I guess, also from Diamonds comment, that it must be rather far away from Django Kill and a little bit in the direction of Matalo - but maybe with more meaning ?
I will wait for a proper release. Maybe a 4/10 or 7/10 ? :slight_smile:

removed* The subtitles are above in this thread. I think it is in English but Im not sure anymore. There is not much to understand though. Not too many important dialogues. You just slowly learn the story from the speeches of the other characters. The review sums it up pretty well. The weird plot and unfitting music feels like some 70s xxx crime movie. :smile: