Hate Is My God / L’odio è il mio Dio (Claudio Gora, 1969)

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There are two sets of the subs for two different versions… the cut German VHS, and a longer Italian fandubbed composite version with several scenes spliced in from an abysmal quality old Italian tv to vhs print :slight_smile:

The German composite version, mentioned earlier by our friend Italo West Fan is still longer and apparently contains all the missing scenes (in the aforementioned low quality). But there’s no synced subs for this extra long version as of yet. Just to clear that up once more:)

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The counterpointing music of this extraordinary film is really as strange as a SW score can be, but it fits the strangeness of the complete film. And gives it a unique rhythm.

I assume one has to watch it a second time to appreciate the film’s quality. The first time it will be for most a wait-whoa-what? film.

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I’m going to watch it soon, looks… good. Sort of. :wink:

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The 2 leads don’t say a single word (without being mute). They both must be some kind of psychopaths. At least Kendall often does unexplainable things. While Giordana is clearly killing for revenge, Kendall’s motives are never explained. The final duel is quite unique, as is the montage of the preceding shoot-outs.

I think I give it now a 8/10

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I guess it’s the movie I’m going to review next. I’ve viewed some parts of it and while watching, I discerned that the montage was really strange, but not incompetent. The Luciano Rossi’s death scene is very well edited - astoundingly stylish and dynamic, not to mention some other fragments which are cut almost à la Godard.

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Yeah, this death scene is also quite remarkable for the near hysterious acting. Not the only scene which features that trademark. I think Gora (alias Giordana) knew what he did, but for such a strange film we can’t be sure if the film’s release version was maybe changed by the producer, but the individual scenes indicate a will to create partly abstract montage sequences.

The Italian version has according to the unreliable Anica.it data a probable 110 min runtime. The composite version taken from a 90 min German VHS tape (86 min Pal) and an Italian TV version (in low quality) runs 103 -104 min. Without any closing credits.

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Maybe there is some more info in Giusti’s Dizionario del western all’Italiana, I’m very curious what the heck this film was intended to be. While preparing the review, I guess I’ll ask scherp for some trivia concerning the flick. In case of such an obscure film, it’d be neat to provide readers with some historical and technical background.

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Hate is my God will be released by FilmArt on DVD and Bluray in Germany soon ;D


-Brand new HD Transfer, UNCUT 110 Minutes !!!
-German Theatrical Version in HD
-ENGLISH Version in HD !!!

But FilmArt is still looking for the Italian Audio in good Quality, this old TV Print is too bad !
So, if you can help them, please PN to me or directly to FilmArt :wink:

Screens from the HD transfer:

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That is very good news. As for the Italian audio, let’s hope for the best! :slight_smile:

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Six months has passed. Any hope for this being under the Christmas tree?

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Re: Carmelo Artale in Prega Dio… e scavati la fossa[/url]

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:56, topic:1540”]Artale is the priest: here is Carmelo in Il processo di Verona (1963), directed by Lizzani, with Silvana Mangano and Frank Wolff as Galeazzo Ciano.



The innkeeper / barman

Hope springs eternal :slight_smile:

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I have hoped and prayed! But as it never came, I have gone astray and watched the Toppic VHS with a German audio.
If there ever will be a book written on absurdism in Italian western, this film will have a chapter of its own!

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Where can I buy the Film Art DVD when it comes out? I want to get it as soon as it’s released

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I d/loaded this from CG a while ago, but it came bundled with the “wrong” subtitles. Links to the “right” subs could be found further down the page but those links were long dead, so I binned the movie.

Shame. I really fancied this one. :disappointed:

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I think I have that sub file. PM me if you want it.

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Sorry, posted in the wrong thread!

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Nothing yet on this bad boy from FilmArt…not even an update from them?


This has got to be one of the most badass movie titles I’ve ever heard.

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Unfortunately nothing new. We can only hope …

(morgan) #60

While waiting and hoping …