Hate Is My God / L’odio è il mio Dio (Claudio Gora, 1969)

I found out that there’s fan made subs available now. But is there any decent version of the film available? Italian tv-rip looks awful.

Only have that Italian T.V print myself and yes looks terrible. The subtitles seem to match this print though. I’am not going to view this one just yet, in the hope a better print turns up.

I have a very nice version of Hate is my God:
It’s a Fandub, which uses the good German VHS with inserts from the Italian TV Print ! There were also used a few videofilters to make a better picture quality !
Runtime is 1:39:03 (around 103 Minutes in NTSC !) This must be the best version now ! :wink:

[size=8pt](no database link yet)[/size]

This looks a goodie 8) - I’m pretty sure I’ve got it - even if it’s a shit version. Must get this watched.
Also the artwork and poster on the database page looks so good, I just hunted down a (Turkish) version on ebay… just gotta hope it gets here safely.

Nice Poster, Rev!

As for the film, I’ve never seen it. Got to find me a copy somewhere.

Me neither… and now I know why. I have an 86 minute German print. Reasonable quality but no subs.
Looks like I’m gonna have to hold out a while yet. It does look interesting and mean on my brief look though.

Are there more of your versions to be had I-W-F?

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:26, topic:1390”]I have an 86 minute German print. Reasonable quality but no subs.
Looks like I’m gonna have to hold out a while yet.[/quote]

Bollocks to that - it was calling me. :slight_smile:

This is a remarkable film that goes straight into my top 20. :o
It hardly mattered that the language’s was not subbed or dubbed native to me. So much of the film is wordy - but the protaganists say not a jot and that counts for a lot. 8) 8)

But… even I worked out what was going on.

This is the most visually stylish spag I’ve seen since Leone, and yet it is the antithesis of his movies - almost like a latter day pop-video at times, so sharp and quick are the visual moves. So - it’s a bit arty and very ‘filmic’, in contast to some other spags I’ve seen recently, but it retains a dark core of revenge, and does not disappear up it’s own arse in it’s cleverness. On ocassion it included some, but moreoften, it broke with the conventions of the genre - in some quite surprising ways. At no point, even in the German-wordy bits, was I ever remotely bored with this. I just wanted more.

It was unbelievably good - even in this - the cut and foreign language version, and this was the biggest surprise to date since El Puro in my eyes.

More to follow when I’ve come round and sobered up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Top 20 - recommended!

Now I must see this!

Yep, this is one of the great extravagances of the genre. An absolutely unpredictable box of little wonders and surprises.

And yet pretty unknown.

Belongs in the El puro/Matalo/Django Kills category.

I’m very interested in seeing this one. Sounds great.

It was.
I found it both brutal and beautiful.
I’ve actually been trying not to think about it, reasonably unsucessfully, so I can rewatch a better version should one (hopefully) come my way in the future.

I do remember being thrilled that the vultures from the poster were actually in the film 8) and weren’t those dodgy stork shots :stuck_out_tongue: that have popped-up before.
So it wins ornothology points too…

Sorry, my english is to bad ! :-[ What do you mean exactly ?
If you want, i can make you a copy of my Fandub ! :slight_smile:

I did wonder where you got it from - and if there were others to buy?
Of course I cannot turn down your fabulous offer… :wink:
I’ll send you a message.

Ahh, now i know it ! ;D
I didn’t buy it, i’ve send a friend a copy of my German VHS Rip and a copy of the Italian TV Rip, so he inserts the missing scenes from the German Tape from the Italian TV Rip, uses a few Videofilters, and the fandub is finished ! :wink:

So now I have the Italian tv-rip with running time of 93 minutes and the subtitle file but they don’t match. I’ve been trying to re-sync the subs with subtitle workshop but with no success. I wonder which version was used to make the subs?

Yes thought they matched up at first, but no joy. Italo West Fans version is a longer version than this Italian T.V print and subs do not match this print either. The subs need to be revised and amended to Italo West Fans version, left a message with one of the guys who did the subs, but not heard anything yet.

I think Italo Wests version will have better quality for the inserts than the version I got about a year ago… though they are still shitty because of the horrible quality of the old Italian TV recording. German VHS is the only fair/good quality print, but it’s cut. Italian TV print was also cut, but at different places. The fansubs only fit the first composite version (unless corrected to fit). I believe Italo Wests version is a German fandub? That would also be a difference, first composite is based on the Italian audio. With any luck it will be available before the end of the year.

It’s not a complete version, by the way (talking about the Italian fandub composite). With both prints as heavily cut up as they are, that would be many hours of extra work. The idea that a proper, remastered uncut print could turn up a year or a day later, after a painstakingly long (but still amateur) ‘restoration’ job, also weighs in on the decision to limit the amount of work put in, for sure.

I used to try these things myself, but after a while it wears you down. Think about it, it takes
-searching out and acquiring prints
-comparing for differences and writing them down
-inserting missing scenes
-adding and resyncing prefered audio track
-making fansubs yourself, or finding some talented chap with lots of spare time and dedication to do them
-checking and finetuning
-(making a custom dvd with menus and all - I never got to this final stage).

We’re talking days of work here. Granted, a simple fandub job can be done in a few hours, and a simple subtitle job in a full day or so. But more often than not these projects turn out to be rather tricky.

And yes, this oddball spaghetti western deserves a wider audience.

Yes German fandub with inserts from the poorer quality Italian T.V print.

I’m not sure what to think about this really. It’s really something different in the genre but it’s kinda hard to describe why. There’s something about the directing and editing which was outlandish, the style actually reminded me a bit of El Topo as well as did the brutality of violence. There was apparently some hidden symbolism in there too in the form of animals. For example, another of the two protagonist kills a man who kicks his beloved pet dog but later kills the dog himself for no reason. I like these sort of weird movies and I wanted to like Hate is My God more too but I hated the music which was more fitting to the 70’s comedy western.

My favorite scene was the already mentioned dog kicking scene, sw regular Luciano Rossi makes probably his briefest but also one of his most memorable roles.

My rating: 3/5

Finally got around to watching the fandub version of this today and I’m still not sure what I think of it. Inspired or incompetent? I think, on reflection, it is both. Certainly it is memorable and despite its mish-mash appearance and obvious low budget it is far from being merely a quick hash job a la Crea or Batzella. There’s some thought gone into this and sometimes it really pays off. But at others it is something of a mess and, like Bill says, the music fits so badly it can be really off-putting and spoils some otherwise excellent scenes. It is almost as if they bought a ready made score from another type of film on the cheap and just spliced it on. But then, it’s so bad that you can’t help wonder if we are back in the arty post modern territory of recent debate on another thread. Can it be deliberate? Anything is possible with this little weird one.

Not sure I’m as sold on it as the Rev but well worth a watch and won’t be forgotten in a hurry for sure.

By the way, my version has two sets of subs, the second of which are better synched and although still not perfect are, I suspect, an improvement on those mentioned by others above.