Hannie Caulder DVD

from what I’ve heard the new UK Anchor Bay DVD of this great film is worthless crap unfortunately. people interested should get the DVDmania edition from France or the Japanese one


Yeah, I saw a comparison om dvdmaniacs a while ago and that decided it for me. I recently got the spanish Vella Vision from dvdgo.com. It’s in anamorphic 2.35:1 and looks pretty good. English and spanish audio, and ditto subs. The subs are forced, however, but it didn’t bother me too much. A good alternative to the expensive japanese and hard to get (?) french.

I’ve bought the Anchor Bay-version, it’s watchable and it didn’t cost very much. A very good eurowestern :slight_smile:

I would’ve bought the AB edition if it’d been in OAR. The difference between the ratios can sometimes be painfully obvious.

I want to buy Hannie Caulder. I’ve heard that the UK version is horrible. Is the Japanese version the best one out there? ???

There was some discussion about Hannie Caulder dvd earlier:


Thanks for that. I’ll look at buying the Japanese version if I can’t find the French one. :slight_smile:

merged the topics. this is in the western board, because hannie is not a spaghetti.

I saw this movie on AMC a few months back , I loved It, I would love to buy the dvd but Im kind of broke at the moment.

How do you make a bad movie with Chris Lee, Jack Elam, Ernest Borgnine and Strother Martin in it? Hannie Caulder is how, I don’t care which version it is. Raquel Welch should have gotten into porn. That’s where her true talents lied.


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RAQUEL WELCH , is an actress of EXTREME ACTING ABILITY, natural beauty and charm.

Anybody making malicious, poisonous , defamatory NONSENSICAL jealous comments
against RAQUEL WELCH , needs to have their filthy mouth washed out with


and then a trip to the OPTICIAN to get a proper, working pair of spectacles so that he can see the TV screen properly. Also his greasy ears cleaned out with Optex drops helps.

Neither Streep (dull dramas), Bette Davis (stiff oak), Ingrid Bergman/L.Bacall(Manly girls

are FIT to LIC-K RAQUEL WELCH’s muddy boots after a busy day of shooting a movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Read up also on your Thesaurus about the difference between acting and “porn” :’(
Certain “guests” on this forum have deviant thoughts on their dirty minds…but thats
all they can DO is “think” for reality never happens for these saddos… :smiley: ;D

HANNIE CAULDER 1971 RAQUEL WELCH Robert Culp Christopher Lee

Very attractive, provocative, exciting western revenger sees stunning Goddess
Raquel Welch learning to shoot, fight and get serious revenge against some filthy
animals who had earlier dared to RAPE her ??? :o

Among the “animals” is Jack Elam >:(, Strother Martin >:( and Ernest Borgnine ???
all 3 looking as rough and smelly as a prairie bull with diarrhoea ;D
Any good looking girl would run a mile if she spotted Elam/Martin/Borgnine nearing her.

Wonderful leading roles for Raquel Welch, Robert Culp and Christopher Lee (the great 1

My Vote for HANNIE CAULDER is 17 out of 20 :o


Culp is good and Welch is not bad, but Kennedy had never a great talent for action films, he should have sticked to comedies. 1st half of the film is the best. Disappointing filmed end.

Borgnine, Elam and Martin are completely wasted.

Ah Stanton ;D you remind me of Henlein in the MERCENARIES 1968 ! ;D

I think you are JOKING about Burt Kennedy “comedies” ?? he is a CULT WESTERN man !

I was actually very impressed with BURT KENNEDY as a western director /writer

Writer of:

Comanche Station 60, Ride Lonesome 59 , Buchanan Rides Alone 58 ALL Randy Scott


This is one of the best 1960s Westerns with a superb Robert Taylor performance.

And many more excellent westerns/others.

Director of Class Quality Films :

Canadians 61, Return Of The Seven 66, War Wagon 67, Welcome To Hard Times 67
Young Billy Young 69, , Deserter 70 , Hannie Caulder 71, Train Robbers 73
Shootout in a one dog town 74 and many more superb films.

Director of Very Poor “comedy” Westerns ??

Rounders 65 , Support your local sheriff/gunfighter 70 , Dirty Dingus McGee 70

Burt Kennedy a top WESTERNS Director.

I rated HANNIE CAULDER very highly as I said 17 out of 20 , I loved the cast a lot,
script/direction excellent and the plot of a woman seeking revenge is heavenly. :smiley:

Poor action films not poor comedies. Again you don’t read what I’m writing.

I have seen all his films, and yes, imo he’s not an imaginative director, he’s at best with comedies.

Support Your Local Sheriff and The Rounders being the best.

But Dirty Dingus McGee is an extremely bad (and unfunny) comdie.

All his “serious” films (especially War Wagon, Welcome to Hard Times) would be better if they were made by a more talented director.

NO I DISAGREE 100% about Burt Kennedy !! I have SEEN all the ones I wrote about.

The “comedies” like Rounders and Support The Sheriff/Gunfighter were POOR Films
and hence poorly/badly directed.

A “comedy” western is a waste and a bad idea anyway, westerns should be SERIOUS.

Burt Kennedy I had not mentioned any “action films” the list I wrote were

EXCELLENT BIG STAR WESTERNS of the 1950s/1960s The ones in BOLD as Classics.

Maybe we disagree again and you can ask Phil to cuddle and console you :o :wink:

Yes we disagree, as always, but that’s ok. We are all democrats.

By the way, Return of the 7 is especially poor. sorry


Dir. Burt Kennedy Written By : Larry Cohen Music : Elmer Bernstein

Remake of the Classic Masterpiece The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 1960 , this film is skillfully
directed by Burt Kennedy a Westerns specialist with numerous top rated films.

Yul Brynner leads the seven with enormous support from Robert Fuller , who replaced the stiff and moody Steve McQueen (McQueen got on Brynner’s nerves), excellent script,
characters, music make this 1966 remake a winner all the way. Solemn, serious, classic.

My vote for RETURN OF THE SEVEN 1966 is 16 out of 20 :smiley:

I am awaiting a release of HANNIE CAULDER 1971 on DVD Region 1.

The first 15-20 min is pretty good, but the rest of this film is disapointing.
There is way to much cheap slapstick especially from Strother Martin that ruins the film IMO.

I may have said this before, but I picked up a really decent brand new Australian disc for this one from Australian E Bay for £7.50 U.K pounds (including delivery).

The great thing about the Australian disc is the widescreen ratio is 2.35, and not cropped like the U.K disc to 1.85.

And I did not want to pay a silly price for the Japanese disc on this one.