Hannie Caulder (Burt Kennedy, 1971)

I noticed this movie doesn’t even have a regular dedicated topic. I just upgraded this movie’s page in the SWDb to the new “SWDb 3.0” format. Please have a look and let us know if there’s something you can add (information, trivia, links, pictures, etc.).

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Nice work !

This one’s always been a guilty pleasure since I was a kid … and having a Super 8mm cut down version got me very curious as to where it had been filmed (Almeria, of course) which I didn’t know then … I’ll sound like a Nerd, but that prison set blew my mind! :wink:


There was something else blew my mind in it when I was an impressionable young boy. It wasn’t the prison set.


Of course! … that would be stating the obvious :rofl:


By the way … this is from 1971 … UK premier November 8, 1971 :wink: Not released in the States until summer '72.

Fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone know where the new Nordic release is available? According to the calendar it should be out now.

Funnily enough got round to watching my Blu of this for the first time the other night. Like it a fair bit. I found it funny that it was basically a rape/revenge movie that didn’t feel like that much like an exploitation movie…it felt more like a traditional western filmed in Spain. I preferred The Deserter but still enjoyed it nonetheless, and Raquel Welch in the lead certainly wasn’t a bad thing.

Just watched the recently released French Blu-ray (great price from Amazon France to UK). Great picture and sound quality.
The movie itself, very enjoyable and great cast.
7/10 for me.


yes i have the U.S.A olive films release and its about flawless,very nice. olive signature blu-ray of Hanny Caulder. great presentation.