Hannie Caulder (Burt Kennedy / 1971)

I noticed this movie doesn’t even have a regular dedicated topic. I just upgraded this movie’s page in the SWDb to the new “SWDb 3.0” format. Please have a look and let us know if there’s something you can add (information, trivia, links, pictures, etc.).

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Nice work !

This one’s always been a guilty pleasure since I was a kid … and having a Super 8mm cut down version got me very curious as to where it had been filmed (Almeria, of course) which I didn’t know then … I’ll sound like a Nerd, but that prison set blew my mind! :wink:


There was something else blew my mind in it when I was an impressionable young boy. It wasn’t the prison set.


Of course! … that would be stating the obvious :rofl:

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By the way … this is from 1971 … UK premier November 8, 1971 :wink: Not released in the States until summer '72.

Fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone know where the new Nordic release is available? According to the calendar it should be out now.