Hannie Caulder DVD

(CactusCharlie) #21

I taped HC from UK TV last year, i assume it will be cut. I must check it out.

(Sebastian) #22

just got the new German DVD in the mail and… it’s GREAT!

i have yet to take a really close look and write a review. but from the first peek, it has really nice picture and sound quality, both german and english audio tracks and it is in cinemascope, anamorphic on top of that.


i hope to be able to post a review and a screenshot comparison soon

(Sebastian) #23


updated with a paragraph on the new German DVD

(scherpschutter) #24

After SD, HC has arrived in full colour (and glory):


For more about her, see:


(Silvanito) #25

I have the Australian dvd of this one, saw it first on TV though

(ENNIOO) #26

Me to…had for two years now and still not viewed.

(Phil H) #27

Nice review of Hannie Caulder Scherp.
And of course that picture is always welcome.

(Reza) #28

was not an excellent movie…but normal

(Argento) #29

Does anyone here have an opinion on whether they think the German Explosive Media Blu Ray or the American Olive Films issue is better? I could swear I read somewhere that the German issue had audio problems.

(Sebastian) #30

the first issue of the German DVD had a glitch, which they then corrected. I cannot imagine they reproduced the glitch in the Blu. I have the blu but havent watcht it yet

(Yodlaf Peterson) #31

I’ve got the Olive one, looks really nice. Don’t know if either is better than the other though.

(autephex) #32

I’ve been wondering this for a while, as I’d prefer to buy the Explosive release for the cover :smiley:

(Sebastian) #33

I recommend going directly after the BluRay :smile:


(The Man With a Name) #34

I’m also interested in knowing which Blu-ray to get. I haven’t upgraded from my VHS yet.

(Sebastian) #35

well the US disc has more extras than the German disc. Otherwise it is likely that the master used is similar. We need to find a screenshot comparison