Hannie Caulder (1971) locations in Almeria

In the opening scene, the Clemens brothers ride into a small town. The buildings are made of rock and adobe and plaster. Very authentic looking to the Mexican southwest. Later, they ride up to the Caulder cabin which is similarly designed. The sets in this film are excellent and show a savvy designer. Where were these two scenes shot, does anyone know? and are they still standing, or still in use?


The opening (town) scene was a filmset, which you can find remains of, next to the motorway (left hand side, just past Tabernas turn-off, heading north). Hannie Calder’s house was in Rambla Bujo. The one that burnt down is not there any more. However, the shell of the building (post fire) was a different structure - the remains of an old stone farmhouse - and lies about 100 metres or so to the east.
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