God Forgives … I Don’t! / Dio perdona … io no! (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1967)

It’s not often that such movies pass on portuguese TV, but itia happening during this month in Fox Movies. Great to see it candid and with original Italian audio.

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Rewatched this one recently and for some reason, i didn’t enjoyed it that much this time around. The pacing mixed with some boring scenes and the soundtrack didn’t help, that’s for sure.

One of the first sw I’ve seen as a kid. I knew Hill/Spencer from comedies and expected this to be comedy as well! So when the movie continued and the comedy still nowhere to be found I used to be very confused and let’s be honest dissapointed. It is a very dark and nasty movie not suitable for kids at all. After some time I was finally willing to accept it is a different kind of movie. This one was on tv regulary and I’ve seen it numerous times. Actually I’ve probably seen this one the most times of them all. To the movie itself. First of all the photography is the strongest side of it, It looks marvelous. You have nice Spanish locations, many well dressed extras and there is even a train. Quite a big budget. Though there is a scene between Hill and Spencer that is clearly taken in a sand pit and I was always wondering why they were camping at a sand pit. :slight_smile: Collizzi tried to hide the location in a dark and partly succeeded but it is still visible. The story is simple but it might be confusing at the same time because the movie is very slowly paced and you might miss important plot points if you close your eyes for a second. It might be even little yawn inducing. The only thing I really hate about the movie is the score. You could hardly find more depressing tunes played by more depressing musical instruments that are so dull it makes my ears feel like I’m going by a car to mountains if you get what I mean. There is virtually not a single nice and clear note! It sounds awfully muffled. The same main theme was used for “A Minute to Pray a Second to Die” and imo it fitted much more to the movie and sounded generally better thanks to the better instruments. Moreover the music is so bloody loud that it virtually kills every other qualities and sadly it plays almost constantly because there are hardly any dialogues. Now, this is no fault of the movie but dubbing into my language also somewhat butchered the sound. Voices were great but the production was rather poor. To sum it up in few points: great photography, higher budget, perfected interiors, awful musical score, depressing nihilistic atmosphere, good acting, very very slow pace. EDIT: Oh, one more thing. Frank Wolff looks like a bloody clown in this one! Clearly Collizzis’ circus obsession started to show itself. :smile:


I like Ace High more than this one (I guess because I’ve seen it more). I always enjoy Frank Wolff, though. He was even in one of the Sartana movies. His best was The Great Silence in my opinion.

I first saw him as McBain in OUATIW.

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Do you? I rate this a bit higher since Ace High never seemed to me as focused. I keep forgetting what is the story about. I saw the trilogy countless times. Maybe it is just Collizzi who tells his movies’ stories in rather complicated fashion and you must keep your attention not to miss anything important. I know there was a revenge motive for Wallach’s character but the resolution came almost out of nowhere. It always got me unprepared. I must surely rewatch it.

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Wolf was an amazing actor. His best SW role was as Bill San Antonio IMO. He was amazing in Milano Calibro 9, but my alltime favourite performances of his is in SALVATORE GUILLIANO

I’m watching God Forgives…I Don’t right now to see if my opinion might change.

Just watched God Forgives… I Don’t via the DFW DVD release. After watching a couple of 1970s Spaghetti Westerns it was really nice to see one from the glory days of 1967.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Beautifully photographed and Hill & Spencer have an instant chemistry. Frank Wolff steals the show as outrageous villain Bill St. Antonio but even so, the producers must have been thrilled when they saw the first footage of their last-minute replacement leading man Terence Hill. He just burns up the screen with charisma.


I agree the music is not so suitable for a SW. Sometimes it sounds as if it was a 1940’s American movie not necessarily a western.
I don’t like Bud Spencer either, associating to a real comedy.
Terence Hill was OK here but I found the Frank Wolff character to be too talkative in the beginning.
I only just watched God Forgives I Don’t at a fairly good Youtube copy and surprisingly with Swedish subtitles. Not bad, but mentioned weaknesses render it just 5/10 by me.

As serious Terence Hill-SW that I DO like very much is Viva Django / Django, Prepare a Coffin (Ferdinando Baldi) 7/10.