God Forgives … I Don’t! / Dio perdona … io no! (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1967)

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I saw Ace High at the theater just out of high school and it remains a favorite, but some years later when I viewed God Forgives, it blew me away. This is the best of the Spencer / Hills for me. With apologies to the Spencer/Hill Database the fourth poker player looks like Joaquín Blanco to me, rather than Roberto Alessandri. Opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

Blanco from Gentleman Killer, And God Said To Cain, Dollar of Fire, Dig Your Grave Sabata’s Coming

I’m not familiar with Roberto Alessandri but checking the rest of the pics on the S/H DB this could be him with Jose Canalejas

To distinguish the two groups of San Antonio’s outlaws, I have labeled the first set as henchmen and the second as bandits.

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In my opinion it’s him (Alessandri), look at this:

As for Joaquin Blanco, it could be a case similar to that of Rufino Inglés in Turn… I’ll Kill You a.k.a. Winchester Bill

Antonietta Fiorito is the girl with the bucket around 27:10

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This one?

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:142, topic:607”]
As for Joaquin Blanco [/quote]
Could be :confused:

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That’s her!
(brackets only to reach 20 characters :smile:)

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I love this film, especially the second half. I haven’t watched Ace High in a long time but I think this one has to be the best of the trilogy. The music felt a bit out of place, however.


So my appreciation towards this film has grown a lot since I finally saw the uncut(?) widescreen version (Dutch DVD). The dub script was less cringey than the other one also.

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It’s cut, the implied rape scene is missing but maybe it was never part of any official English release.

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I learned that Lloyd Battista dubbed Terence Hill throughout the entire Colizzi series. In fact he made quite a living from just dubbing characters in films that he was able to buy a villa in Jersey Shores.


Yep, I heard that on the Get Mean commentary recently. He possibly dubbed him in Preparati La Bara also.

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I’ve never heard the other dubs, only the one available on the Dutch DVD. Is there alternative English dubs? How do they differ?


There are two English dubs; the dialogue is slightly different and Terence Hill has a more youthful sounding voice in the Dutch DVD, compared to the version found on shoddy DVD’s such as the Televista one.

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The Dutch DVD is the uncut widescreen version right? I’m asking because the version that features Lloyd Battista is a cut pan and scan version and I’ve never figured out the name of the release.


Yeah Battista dubbed him in the cut pan & scan version. The Dutch DVD is the widescreen longer version. AKA the only English version worth owning.

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I dunno, I actually kind of lime the pan and scan version (it was how I first found the movie). It unfortunately cuts out some parts that made the movie much darker and grittier, but the quality of the dubbing is substantially better. Lloyd and the actor who voices Bud Spencer are fantastic and perfectly match the characters.

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anybody know the title of the Bollywood Western that is a remake of GOD FORGIVES …I DON’T?
I remember it was available on youtube about a decade ago.

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Are you serious? Bollywood stepped into the realm of the Spaghetti Western too?

This looks like it… Wanted: Dead Or Alive (1983)… ho boy it’s like looking at Frankenstein’s monster.

Actually I change my mind… this is something special… if I was Colizzi I’d be almost honored seeing this.


Holy shit.

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Maybe the priest at the fake funeral…

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He’s not seen in the procession until toward the end and then just a fleeting glimpse

At the grave site in a long shot. It certainly looks like him


Yep they’re great, I cannot stand Hill’s voice in the Dutch DVD. Just like Quien Sabe I prefer the cut version of this film due to the superior delivery and voice characterisation.